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  1. and what can i do if they dont comply with my request - plus my car is now scratched and it is making wierd noises from the left hand side wheel? everytime i eccelerate it sounds well bad
  2. i have read the clamping guide but it doesnt tell me too much about towing and charges i have got pictures of the sign but it was on the other side of the road but it was visable from my car just, because of the weather and darkness but it states in there policies that as long as it is visable from the car it is ok i have pictures of the sign and of the 1 slip of paper work they have given me but thats it?! how do i put the pictures on here? also i need to send that letter tomorrow or i wont be able to appeal but i really dont know where to start with it i tried to read tha
  3. well if u know what they are let me know i have no idea what is best here! and what is the lawfulness of there actions as when i have spoken to people there isant basically a law for them only guidelines which i have laid out?
  4. there code of practice Code of Practice JD Parking Consultants Ltd strives to achieve the highest standard of service with the sector of parking enforcement. A parking agreement (Working Contract) with the landowner and/or representative must be in place from the day of commencement of the agreement and before any clamping, removal or issuing of any penalty charge notices (PCNs) take place. Vehicles may be clamped, relocated within the land/or removed if parked on land which they are not authorised to park, or are not parked in accordance with the conditions relating to use of the
  5. thanks i am going to check with the land registery now! i have just started a letter to them explaining everything i think is wrong. i am so angry lol
  6. On a saturday night i parked my car in leeds on a private road it was teaming it down with rain and it was really dark so i didnt really stop to have a good look at the sign i knew there was a sign there just not what was on it (my fault i know) any way 3 - 4 hours later maximum i come back and my car is gone. i ring the number and they say it has been towed away and it going to cost me £385!!!!!! to recover! £100 for clamping, £240 for towing and £45 for storage even though it hadnt been 5 hours by this point they told me to call back in the morning any way i had to go to a christening
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