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  1. Thanks for that info, just managed to reply because computer got a very nasty virus. Can you advise if you think I should still send the subject acces request even though there is no credit agreement. Thanks
  2. My husband trades as a Sole Trader and recently got in to debt with a business supplier. They took court action and claims were made against my husband, myself and the company.We sent of the claim form in the name of my husband admitting we owed the money and offering a payment that we could afford at the moment and offering to pay more when his business picked up.Because we did not send of the claim forms in my name (did not realise we had to.... a bit thick of us I know but we sent them off in a panic) they sent a CCJ in my name.The original offer of payment was never accepted and they plac
  3. No goods were signed for and we have no invoices for most of the transactions.The hand written list is correct.Unfourtunatley we no longer have the voicemail. Which is a shame because the suppliers name was mentioned along with the things they were going to do to us.They are threatening legal proceedings including Bankruptcy, Charging Order or a Warrant of Execution.Is there any point in sending the Subject Access Request?Thanks in advance.
  4. Unfortunately my husband left it some time before he played me the voicemail they had left (He did not want to upset me any further after the doorstep visit) and the voicemail was gone before I had time to save it.Not sure if there would be any way to retreive it might try contacting o2 to see if they by any chance store them...Am going to send a Subject Access Request to see if that brings up the name of the original debt collector, as we had no correspondence in writing from them we have no idear who they were.The supplier also spoke to some of our customers to see if they had paid us and Cl
  5. The supplier is a one man band he has one retail outlet. Thats good news about the added money as we are going to stuggle to pay the original amount. They also put in one of their letters " You are hereby notified that our client to whom you owe the oustanding debt, are to impose their rights under the Late Payment of Comercial Debts act 1998 and the Supreme Court Act 1981 to charge interest on your overdue invoice at a rate of 8% per annum. If they can't add money on to a bill if there is no original credit agreement can they still add interest?
  6. Thanks very much for the advice will prepare Subject Access Request and post tomorrow...will also try to find a police station that is open!
  7. Could anyone please help with this problem. At the moment we are struggling financially due to me being made redundant and my husband who is self employed in the building trade finding jobs very hard to come by. My husband owes money to a supplier not a position that we want to be in as they are a trying to run a business just like us. My husband offered to do some work on his house but he wanted us to pay for the materials ....which if we could afford to do we would pay his bill. Things got worse then when my husband lost his father we received a letter from the company offering con
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