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  1. Hi All, Im new to this so i will try and explain and correspond as best i can. My partner took out a loan last year with his NatWest bank and as a result of some confusion over the direct debit repayments, the bank cancelled them and as he was unaware, he fell behind on some of his repayments. He had two accounts with them and his loan, and eventually they said enough was enough and they were closing his accounts and demanding all their money back. i know this is legally sound so we accpeted it. We went to Natwest anyway to set up a repayment method as overall, it came to just over 7 grand, and im not sure if anyone has this sort of money just lying around lol! Anyway, the bank man spoke to us and recommended that we speak to TRITON credit services as they deal with these accounts. He took us into a private room and rang them for my boyfriend and said all he needed to do was set up a repayment scheme. This was done, and he agreed to repay £200 a month starting october 16th. Today, when i went to the post he had a bright yellow letter addressed to him. It was basically ALLIED Credit demanding the whole sum of money, and that we ring MR Watson urgently. I rang my boyfriend at work and told him all of this and he rang them to find out what was happening. As far as we were aware, he was paying back 200 quid a month to triton so why have these ppl now turned round and asking for the whole lot of money, we've never even heard of them!! They also asked for my boyfriends "side of the story" so, obviously unaware of anything dodgy, he told them. Its only now that ive started to google this whole situation that ive found everyone in similar positions. They also told my boyfriend that if he agreed to pay by the 18th of december, they would cut the debt by 40% and he would then have to pay back just over £4,000. He now has 48hrs to decide or they will start court proceedings against him. Please can anyone help asap as im really worried, ive been in tears all day and dont know whats going on. We really dont have 4 grand, let alone 7 grand available, and are very stuck! Thanks xx
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