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  1. can someone please explain to me what it is i would be claiming back from my Barclaycard? if i were making a claim against say Barclays for a current account, i would be claiming back the unauthorised overdraft charges of £20-30, but i don't recall if Barclaycard ever did this.. does it even matter? i had a barclaycard around 3 years ago and ran up a debt of around £1,500-£2,000.. hopefully i can claim some of this back here.. please advise..
  2. is it even necessary? i have a directions hearing and wondered what paperwork to bring along, if any at all.. hopefully someone who has turned up to one one these things can shed some light.. bless
  3. i'm watching this thread with interest, seems the outcome may have an impact on the decision of my case.. knowing my bank though they'll stick with their tried and tested formula; settle out of court on the 11th hour..
  4. having sent my Allocations Questionnaire. just received a general form of judgement order in the post this morning which states: [bow county court] upon reading the court file, it is ordered that the case be transferred to the mercantile court at the high court of justice. dated 25 january 2007 ^have i missed something? the order was sent out on the 1 february.. i was just about to prepare a court bundle (do i still do this?) but i haven't seen very much on this site about cases being sent to the mercantile courts, any advise please, i am totally lost here..
  5. [edit] hahahaha well done druid, what a great thread! stuck it to 'em good n proper.. in my eyes barclays are owed no favours in this respect.. the manner in which they've handled themsleves in all of our cases is in a word, dispicable.. [edit] Mod note: As has been said numerous times on this thread Personal attacks will NOT be tolerated
  6. lol don't panic, there's a 99.9% chance your case won't end up in court..
  7. ^pretty much.. if your bank account finances are in a mess, directly before and after your case against barclays is settled your account is generally in their hands.. most people set up another account while making their claim just to be on the safe side.. i personally haven't been in arrears for the past 2 and a half years (about the time i cancelled my overdraft facility) so i should be okay..
  8. just called the courts to check whether they've received my AQ.. they say it arrived on the 16th, YAY! it is now being referred to the judge to decide on the track my claim goes on.. she also told me they received barclays AQ on the 18th, not so yay.. hm, think i'll get my court bundle prepared..
  9. ignore it, like alot of us have..
  10. i'll be at this stage soon too.. let's hope the judge i get is as keen as yours!
  11. just under 500? that's an impressive bundle if correct.. note: only include the bank statemnts you've relied upon in your schedule of charges..
  12. rofl. your rejection letter is brilliant! i'm at work laughing my ass off, stick it to 'em druid..
  13. okay finally got together the information i needed, sent everything off friday (12/01/07).. i didn't send the draft order for directions, just an up to date copy of the schedule of charges with the AQ & court fees..
  14. ^ thanks for the heads up, i'll look around and see what others have done..
  15. i am almost ready to send my AQ, can somebody confirm i'm sending in the correct information.. so far i have: Allocation Questionnaire completed Draft Order for Directions document £100 fee (for claims over £1,500) Can somebody confirm my section G is appropriate to my claim, and whether any other information at this stage needs to be sent i.e. bank statements, schedule of charges etc?
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