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  1. hi guys, Hope you can help me on this. I recieved a county court judgment a while back, the judgment date was 13th may 2010. I made a full payment on 11th June 2010. However this was marked only as satisified I filled in the N443 form with a £15 Postal order and a statment from Bryan carter whom was the one that did the judment against me. The statment states payment was made 11th june 2010 for the full amount. I have recieved a certificate today which say the debt should be is marked as 'satisfied'. the certificate also states 'date of final payment' was 24th june 2010. I want this judment to be cancelled and not shown on my credit file. I know i paid it within the month. Please could someone let me know what the next steps are? Many Thanks
  2. i think 22 months will be in March. as i took out the agreement in May 2008. Im thinking about starting the VT now as i heard story how it can take them 1-2 months to get sorted. I dont even mind paying the £600 upfront for Jan, Feb and Mar. Yes, i did recieve the documents for the 2 insurances. I dont have them infront of me at the moment but i do know one of the insurance was only covered for a period of 24 or 36 months. I will have a look when i get back from work. I think i will look for a VT letter and insurance reclaim letter templates online and send it both off next week. Has a lot of people been successful in claiming back their insurance cost + interest by them mis-selling their products (e.g Saying its only possible for you to get the car only if you take out the insurance, being pushy, by not telling me i could get the cover from another company, not telling me i was only covered for 36months.) Thanks for your help again and good luck with your claims.
  3. Thanks for your help, much appericated. I will await your reply. Any idea where i should start with the letter regarding claiming back my insurance cost? I see a template online @ http://images2.moneysavingexpert.com/attachment/ppicharges.rtf But not sure if its the correct template to use?
  4. hi Guys, Hope everyone is well, Basically my half way point is coming up to VT the car however ive been going through some of the docuements and im a bit confused. I took out the finance on May 2008 and im currently paying £196.23 a month. If i times £196.23 by 24 months (196.23 x 24) the total amount adds upto £4709.52 but under the section for 'Termination: your rights' it says '£4336.10' So by having that on the contract i can VT at 22 months which is when i will reach £4336.10. After that im guessing that is all i owe or would i have to also pay for the insurance after? I havent miss no payments. I also recieved a statement from welcome, it does state all the paymentsi made but under '14th may 08' it has 'principal credit adj' for £299.00 does anyone know what that was for? I have been thinking about trying to reclaim the insurances sold to me... i took out Mechanical breakdown insurance & Total loss insurance, does anyone think theres a chance in reclaiming back the amount they charged me for the 2 insurances? I know i was mis-sold the insurances by the usual sales talk 'you have to take it out if you want to get the car' and also with the sales man being pushy. I know its my fault for accepting it in the first place, but whats done is done and i have learnt from that mistake If i did try to claim back the insurances, who would i write to? welcome finance @ ruddington or to direct warrenty? And would it be wise to VT and try to claim back the cost of the insurances at the same time? Also the car is pretty much in bad condition, driving wise, would they actually test drive the car or just look at the interior and bodywork. The airbag lights turn on meaning it doesnt work and also when i turn left it makes knocking noises which was there when i brought it. The bodywork wont be such a problem as i will get someone to fix up the dents. ------- Details of finance: Amount of credit for the goods £5658 amount of credit for the insurance £1070 Total amount of credit £6728 Duration of agreement: 48 months Total amount payable for the goods £8673.20 total amount payable for the insurances £1498 total amount payable £10,171,20 Cash price of goods £6409 total cash price of insurances £1070 total cash price £7479 Deposit £750 PX allowance £1 total deposit £751 Finance charges for goods £2263.20 option fee £1 Chrage for credit for goods £2264.20 charge for credit for insurances £428 total charge for credit £2692.20 Thanks for your help
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