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  1. quick update. Welcome finally sent the payment to my claims company at the end of Dec, but. nin clsoing one agreement and re-calculating the new one, they somehow managed to create two accounts and default me on both, plus deduct a months payment from the PPI refund as "arrears". Incredible. Have written to them yet again.
  2. :smile:Success! My letters were all ignored or fobbed off by Welcome, and I was contacted by a company who offered to do the service, and sent me their forms. The forms were littered with spelling mistakes, and I just didn’t trust them so I told them not to bother. Then I was introduced to a friend of a friend who works for one of these companies, he handled my claim for me. I sent him all the details on 16/9, and I have today received my first offer of just shy of £1500. But he’s going to go back and try for more! Thanks to all for the advice offered. Obviously giving away 25% hurts but they’ve got results in just under 8 weeks so it’s a price I was willing to pay to save me the hassle. If you want my new friend’s number and contact details, please PM me and I’ll be glad to share. Just in time for Christmas too, I’ll be eating Goose and drinking champagne instead of Turkey & Cava!
  3. evening all. Still nothing back from Welcome, no acknowledgement, no questionairre, nada... So, is my next step to complete the FOS complaint form? Thanks in advance
  4. Got the policy numbers from them already, and quoted them on the first and second letters... The waiting game commences!
  5. Sent off my first letter on 30/11 quoting the three PPI policies I was miss-sold. Guess what? No response. So I am sending my second letter giving them 14 days, with photocopy of my first letter and copy of the recorded delivery receipt(which shows delivery was made on 1/12!)... Thing this is going to take some time....
  6. Evening all, I've had several loans with Welcome over the past 6 years, started off with £500, and it's escalated with 3 or 4 "top-ups" of about £1000. At least three of the times, including my initial loan, I was told that if I did not take out PPI my loan would not be accepted. I've since noticed from various sources(and having been cold-called about PPI reclaiming) that it's all a big, well-known [problem], and am keen to understand a bit more. I've read several threads but there's so much info there it's a bit of information overload! I'm sure that when I topped up, they've paid off the original loan with no rebate on the PPI, and just added that on to the new agreement. So in effect, I'm paying PPI, and interest, for PPI that covers loans that don't exist any more! What should be my first step, an S.A.R. to Welcome asking for details of all the loan agreements I've entered, and what they are made up of? Does them having miss-sold me insurance make the agreement unenforceable? Can I stop paying them immediately, as I believe the account to be in dispute? Your advice and suggestions would be most welcome(!!!!) Thanks in advance, Jim
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