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  1. I've phoned the insurers and everything is up to date. no price change. They didn't mention anything about the accident the other week. I have learnt a very valuable lesson, readthe bloody policy when it arrives in the first place!:-| Thanks for your help Mossy and sailor sam
  2. When I was full-time employed I didn't use my bike for commuting, but then i changed to being a student. On the day of the accident I used my bike to get to uni (forgetting that uni counts as commuting) as I was going to show the bike to someone who wanted to buy it. I am aware that I would be unable to claim for the accident should it have been my fault... what I'm wondering is would the insurance company tell the police that i was commuting even though i wasn't really covered for this?
  3. Hi guys I hope you can help me. Recently I was involved in an RTA on my motorbike. The police said at the time it wasn't my fault. The driver of the car scarpered and was untraceable. The police have closed the case. I am third party fire and theft on my insurance policy. Excluding commuting. I therefore have been advised that I can't claim on my insurance for the damages. (apart from the MIB but that's a separate thing) On the day it happened I was riding to university. I did not realise at the time that this counts as commuting (nor infact that I wasn't covered for commuting). When I asked the claims lady at the insurance company about this she said "oh that doesn't matter, you're not making a claim, just make sure that you sort it out before you ride again". I'm not sure if I trust this though... I also looked more carefully through my docs - there are a few other errors (1.I don't rent, I live with my parents , 2. i have use of a car (my own, in my name) where the policy says I don't. 3. I'm now a student (i was employed at the time of the policy but went back to uni). These errors were an honest mistake. I used one of those comparison sites to get the quote, which isn't really an excuse because it is my own fault that I didn't properly look through my policy when it arrived. I will not ride the bike again until something is sorted out. My question is, what are the insurers likely to say when i present them with all these errors on my part? Do you think that there is any chance the insurance company will sting me for commuting when I wasn't covered for commuting (retrospectively and even though I am not making any claims nor are there any claims against me) Thanks guys.
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