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  1. I think i am right in saying that guidelines say that if a credit card is 2 months in arrears then they are not supposed to increase the interest rate.
  2. Hi, I hope someone can help. I have received replies to some of my Subject Access Requests relating to my credit cards and I have attached them for your advice. I also have an overdraft with a highstreet bank. I originally opened it when i was a child and I doubt I ever completed any paper work to apply for an overdraft on it once over 18. Should there be a signed agreement covering the overdraft to make it enforceable? As you can see in the attachments, Barclaycard are refusing to provide me with a true copy of my CCA quoting "With reference to the Civil Procedure Rule (the
  3. I have just received the same response from capital one. What should i do next? Many thanks
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