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  1. I havent heard anything for ages...so Im assuming as I didnt aknowledge or respond that they have given up!! Its nearly been a year so my advice would be to ignore, ignore and dont stress!!
  2. Hi Dublindel, who are you on about with the change of name?
  3. Thats what I thought...will do. What letter should I expect after this one...Am I near the end of this sham!?
  4. Thanks had that exact same letter from them last week lol....shall i ignore it!?
  5. sorry about the size of the jpeg, Im unsure how you increase the size after I scanned it lol
  6. Second letter from Private Eye..anyone else have a similar letter?
  7. Hi Guys, This is the first letter I received from the Parking Eye crew...is it the same as everyone else? I'm going to ignore it anyway just seeing if anyone else has received the same? Cheers:)
  8. Hanley thanks for sharing your story, its much appreciated. Im just ashamed of this government to allow this to happen to people...its inexcusable...I'll await the letters and keep this updated for future people who try and get ripped off..
  9. Thanks asmodeus...is there anyone on here who has ignored Parking Eye and has a story to tell, right through to them giving up? any information would be cool to read...
  10. Thanks for that Al27. I just emailed my local trading standards and also my MP, so will see what they advise me. Its disgusting that they are allowed to work in this way and the gov'ment actually let them do it to make money!?
  11. Thanks for all the information lads. What sort of timescale are we talking here in terms of this going away, etc
  12. I've spent most of the morning looking at the various posts and the common theme is IGNORE the letters and requests! So I will do that, I am just annoyed that this country lets these illegal businesses hassle people and the weaker ones will pay and not think twice. As for the DVLA what a waste of time they are! Are you suggesting that I dont even aknowledge that I received the original letter?
  13. Are they well know? I had a look at their website and they seem legit...how can they work like this and be allowed? Have you had experiences with them in the past then? Sorry for all the questions just annoyed and need some answers!
  14. Hi everyone, Im new to this. About a week ago I parked in an Aldi store and was there for just over an hour. It stated that I had been over the allocated time of an hour and a half and I have to pay £70 or pay £40 within 10 days and that would be that? Has anyone had any dealings with Private Eye and what should I do? Thanks:(
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