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  1. Finally at last the war has been won! Received a letter today rather grovelling from RW regarding my complaint. They have apologised for any stress caused in this matter, and that the account is Statute Barred under the Limitations Act 1980 and I have closed the account on their system and returned it to our client. I'm guessing now MKDP will try and sell it on again? I start my Chemo/Radiotherapy treatment on the 30th for 5 weeks then getting scanned a month later to decide the surgery or not. So fingers crossed. Thanks again for everyone who has advised me and supported me I really do appreciate it.
  2. Sparks, Thanks for the encouragement mate, still a bit of a shock guess Im finding it very hard to come to terms with at the moment Oh Yes Andyorch I remember now All credit to you :) RW recieved my letter this morning at 07:32 Will keep you posted
  3. Thanks DX, Hope you guys didn't mind me sharing that with you, its frightening to be given that advice from a big debt help line, thought I would ask them a question BIG MISTAKE!. Knowledge is power someone told me on here (cant remember to credit it to though) If it helps someone else that's great
  4. Hi Old Cogger, It was Nat*%$£" D*&^%$e" if you can decipher that? What you say is what I believe as this is what many have said, but its a bit unnerving to hear what I was told today from a so say reputable source
  5. Thanks DX again much appreciated I will see how they respond to my letter, if threatening to report them to the relevant authorities and my local MP and National newspaper wont deter their underhanded activities well I dont know what will but got to be worth a try. Thanks Slick, to be honest im guessing that they will already have it (or should) as it was received by the Courts and everything should have gone to them when they took over from MKDP im guessing. The mere fact they had the exact date and amount paid would suggest they are blagging it and jolly well know they are in the wrong. I gave them till this Friday to close the account or I will let battle commence Hi just a question regarding some advice I have just been given. I have just been told "You are right that the payment of £1.00 should not be allocated as payment towards the debt if you specified that it was for a fee for a CCA request. The problem here lies in the fact that the request for information itself would usually acknowledge any debt - so unfortunately that would usually stop, then start the time running" "Of course the final decision about whether the letter does, or dosn't acknowledge the debt could only be made by the courts themselves" I won't reveal the source but its quite a shock to me I hope its incorrect?
  6. Hi Slick, Thank you very much for the best wishes very kind of you I see my Oncologist on 3 Oct to get a treatment plan started. I think your advice on the second choice is very valid. I have scanned all my evidence and will send them a letter proving either they are just incompetent or just down right devious. Im thinking about reporting them and I have a very good journalist friend who wants to pounce on it in one of the big tabloids. As you say I cant be being bothered with them now, if they carry on they will be hit with large guns from both sides im sure they value their licence so may heed my warnings. And thanks again for all your support much appreciated!
  7. Ok will do DX thanks again. Just found the reply from MKDP they actually wrote the Postal Order ref number on the photo copy they sent back in 2012 so no getting away with that :0 Well my Dr didnt paint a pretty picture regarding the area, it is looking like a permanent Stoma bag and b*m hole sewn up Will give the chemo a good go first. Fingers crossed eh
  8. Hi, Good news and not so good and really bad. Well the telephone calls have stopped after sending the letter, however on return from holiday today I received a letter from RW acknowledging the Statute barred letter and responding with, "our client has confirmed the the last payment received for this account was £1.00 on (date) The account is therefore not statute barred". Please complete the enclosed financial statement and return with my affordable proposal etc etc etc. Now I have a letter I sent recorded to MKDP who previously owned said debt it was dated the same day as RW say the last payment was made of £1.00. Now this letter to MKDP was a formal request pursuant to s.77/78 of the Consu,er Act 1974 for the True copy of the credit agreement. The postal order was for £1.00 and my letter clearly states it is the statutory fee and noted that the funds are not to be used for any other purpose. I have a recorded signature from MKDP from the post office stating time day and who signed for the request. Obviously RW are now trying to pull a fast one Is this legal? And the really bad is that I am diagnosed with Bowl Cancer Thanks
  9. Hi Ford, No mate unfortunately I'm with Virgin. I have had the Hospital ring my mobile and yes your correct private/withheld. I have RW on my list and can ignore those. I had a missed call by them at 08.27 this morning on my home number, I did the letter DX suggested and it was received/signed for at 07.28 (recorded wasn't much more than 1st class) I just wanted a name to hit back at if they say they never received it. Maybe that might stop them, but im looking at phone set that I can block numbers on just incase . Thank for the BT heads up though much appreciated. Best regards
  10. Cheers DX going to the post office right now Again very much appreciated.
  11. Thanks DX I guess its worth a go. I will send asap recorded see what happens. Thanks again everyone much appreciated!
  12. Hi Andy, Ok mate thank you, I might just do that. Cheers
  13. Hello again my friends, I know I was advised not to post anymore unless it was about going to court! However after 6-7 months of blissful nothing from RW they have started bombarding me again with letters and now have my home and mobile numbers (I just ignore on my mobile) however I have noticed on my home number between 8-9 they call. I let it ring and check the number. I am currently signed off work awaiting a colonoscopy due tomorrow as I might have bowl cancer, my phones are quite hot from the Hospital and my Macmillan support carer and I'm slightly worried about missing a home call if I ignore it because it might be RW. Im not asking or looking for sympathy, just would like some advise on telling RW to leave me alone at this time because of my situation. They must realise I have no intention of giving them anything as its now well and truly SB! I was wondering to send them a letter stating this as its futile them trying to contact me to get any money out of me? My apologies in advanced if I have possibly wasted anyones time but its kind of getting to me now and thought you could possibly advise me. Thank you
  14. Hi Martin2006, Firstly I am eternally grateful for the help I have received from members on this website, Including DX, I apologise if it came over that I didn't! Sometimes advice can be cryptic on here and not clear at all, it may just be the way we/i understand it I don't know but it can be very confusing at times. I don't understand what you mean about sticking to one username? Myself and Dotty50? I am now confused ref DX last post about "hey just be careful the claim form - issuance pauses the sb clock.........." What was this comment relevant to? was it general advice or was it referred to my case? General "willy waving" what exactly do you mean? Having had a Court Claim letter drop on my door mat once already regarding this issue I certainly don't want another and was merely asking what I should do if it happens again seems nothing is beyond debt collectors capabilities. What does this mean? "the over riding factor here is rightly or wrongly going by current wisdom at the time the relevant posts were made the OP has consistently been advised to wrongly enter into pointless letter tennis this goes right back to jan 2010........"
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