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  1. Mortgage has been consistently paid, no issue for the time being. However a year or so ago we missed a payment on the account, I say missed it was due out on a particular day but because of a mix-up the payment wasn't there for them. We called them on the same day to let them know there had been a problem but that the money would be in the bank again if they were to call up for it again. 48hrs later they requested the payment and it was made no problems. We then get a letter stating that they'd tried to get the money, were unsuccessful and that a £30 fee had been applied to the account
  2. I'm not sure where I read it but I'm sure I have in as much as if somebody decides to make themselves bankrupt and they have a joint account with their spouse/partner is that person also required to go bankrupt? Also, if you're married and you have a property that has been in your partners name only as in transferred to the partner some years before then how many years is it after the transfer that the property transaction betweeen the partners cannot be reversed by the IP? There was a legitimate reason for the transfer and it's been some years now and although the debts (all) have been
  3. at the end of the week. The person under appeal is attending as is a newbie from the Citiens Advice, my question is, is a friend of the person appealing allowed to attend and speak on their behalf? Their is a written statement from a friend that forms part of the appeal but I think it would be better if a friend could attend and speak on the persons behalf to the tribunal?
  4. Jogon

    Cabot and Mbna

    3 Days and no response? Is this a read only forum?
  5. Jogon

    Cabot and Mbna

    Despite numerous requests to Cabot for information surrounding an account that originated with MBNA they have not come through with it. They have billed me excessive amounts of interest on the account which has doubled what was originally a credit card debt with mbna of £6200 to now almost £13,000 I have been paying Cabot for a fair few years but decided last year to ask them for various documents to prove they can charge me the interest. On one day alone they added nearly £1800 but sent no paperwork to show why they had added it. The only reason I found out is because I applied for my cre
  6. Same response in this thread to my other one save for Pompeyfaith who partially answered my query. Sorry but it's pretty poor show. I'll answer my own query for the benefit of others... According to Welfare Rights the decision to drop people to 3 years term is becoming more and more of an option and is not altogether personal against the claimant but is just their way of doing things. The idea is that prior to them sending you a renewal form you have all your evidence ready to go, they tend to send renewals anywhere up to 6 months prior to being due. As for my claim
  7. I can't say I'm not disappointed in the response to my question, at the time of posting there is 75 views and yet not one answer to my query in almost 48hrs. What does one have to do to elicit an answer? Pull teeth? I realise it is not compulsory to answer a question and of course the board and website is purely on an voluntary basis but when more people seem to be interested in somebody possibly being taped with a car outside a house than answering what I thought was a fairly straightforward question to those more knowledgeable. Sorry if that sounds selfish but I've asked several
  8. It's takent he DWP (another thread) over a year to finally award the middle rate care, several decisions changes etc later and all that. They have backdated it but due to it only being on low rate (care component) until the recent decision change) we were unable to apply for the care allowance, but now that it has and it was backdated will a care allowance if granted be backdated also?
  9. Anyone? As in the idea of going back again for it be to changed to indefinite? Reason why, they've backdated the claim (can see that now) until the time it was first made but that was over a year ago and ok I'm sure their will be some backdated amount paid but it also means that the three years is now 1yr 8 months. yet was only vsited by a doc in the past month.
  10. The only thing is, it was an appeal as in we specifically made an appeal and it was the appeal clerk that made an appt for a doc to visit and after her visit it was sent back to the appeal section who changed the claim up...
  11. Quick update with a couple of queries DLA was awarded, early last year - Low rate Mobility - Low Rate care Asked to reconsider - Changed to High Rate Mobility - Low Rate care Asked for a further reconsideration - Changed Mobility back to Low rate and kept the care rate at Low - Was able to ask for a further reconsideration but instead decided to go to appeal given that they would look at it again pre appeal.. New decision made - High Rate Mobility - Middle Rate care ..... but instead of indefinite like previous it has been put at 3 years. 1 / Is this as good a result as
  12. Jeez, what does it take to get an answer to what is I think a straight forward enough question? This is ridiculous, 5 days and no reply.
  13. Am I asking a question that is outside of the box or something?
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