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  1. thanks .... I'll leave an update once i hear from them next. Steve
  2. Still no reply after i sent them http://www.consumerforums.com/resour...ibed-timescale on the 16th of April. No return of my postal order either from my first letter to them requesting a copy of true credit agreement back in March. It stated that it was only to be used for those means and not anything else, and to be returned to myself if they could not provide me with the request. Got funny feeling they've used the postal order and took £1 off account
  3. Need response very quickly everyone. Asking on behalf of a friend, he had a mortgage, property was repossessed. This was easily 12 years ago, yet now he finds himself being sent letters by ARUK wanting money off him. He didn't have any knowledge of owing anyone any funds, thinking repossession was the end of any financial implications. Are they able to ask for anything after such a long period of time? 12 years without any word from them at all! Many thanks Steve
  4. cheers mate, ill get that printed out and sent off 2day. Many thanks. Steve
  5. Where do i go from here then? its well over 12 working days. Cheers, Steve
  6. Not heard anything back from iqor yet, sent them a postal order for £1 for a true copy of the credit agreement. No reply and no return of the postal order, it was stated that the postal order was only to be used for that purpose. Letter was sent to them March 19th by recorded delivery. am i right in thinking they had 21 days to reply? Cheers, Steve
  7. Ive already sent them a request for a copy of the Consumer Credit agreement, waiting on their response to that. Used to all the scare tactics, this has been going on since 2006. I've had the phone calls, letters threatening letters etc. etc... Annoyed with this iQor though more than the other ones, their ringing up and hassling my elderly nan asking her about the debt and my whereabouts, they've been told im no longer living there. Their response to that was they'd still send letters there aswel as to my new address.
  8. Do you know how I could sign over valuables though to someone? Thinking that its only a matter of time before bailiffs do get involved. Been told that it is possible to do this in order to stop them taking anything. Thanks, Steve
  9. Hi everyone, After some advice, no idea where to post this either. iQor are chasing me for £6,384.57, on behalf of the Halifax, and have informed me that they are to send a debt collector to my home. First of all, I have no intention of letting them in! And have sent a letter asking them to provide me with a true copy of the credit agreement relating to the account. Does anyone know on here how I could sign over any valuables to a family member/ close friend just incase they do gain access. If I can mange to do that, at least I know they can't take anything away
  10. Just been reading the back of the letter from Nelson Guest. It states: Nelson Guest & Partners have specific instructions not to deal with any queries arising from the information in this letter and understand that you have been offered all information needed to enable you to settle this account. Guess i'll have to contact Wescot direct instead
  11. Cheers . The loan is from either 2004 or 2005, it was for £7000 plus £1500 on top of that for insurance. They are chasing me for £6384.57 but apparently willing to accept 50% for me to settle it now. Was hoping they wouldn't locate me at new address, should of thought of that before signing electoral register. My only worry is that I could lose possessions, it wouldn't cover the amount they want but it's still a worry. First time I've set up my own home, stressful thinking I could lose anything.
  12. Hi everyone, Just after some advice regarding this company. Recieved a letter from them acting on behalf of Wescot Credit Services. I've recieved numerous letters from different companies regarding the loan I defaulted on with Halifax, every letter so far has been an empty threat. Is this the case with this company? Last payment I made was early 2008 for £2 as a token gesture over the phone, since then only received letters no verbal communication. Am I right in thinking that if I don't have a face to face meeting with someone or conversation on phone in 6 years then by law its writt
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