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  1. Son has three large tanks actually but wont go near the oscar. Opened the lid one day and he jumped out and scared the hell out of him. It was up to me to pick it up and save it. Son prefers the little ones, but at least cleans them out:lol:
  2. :lol::lol: I will remember that one. Seriously my oscar is so big, hed likely jump back up and bite the first bum that sat on that supposed loo.
  3. No not got that far yet. It was a company it turns out threatening me to pay money and came accross as bailiffs. They phoned again and said they were sending the bailiffs around. They kept asking questions did I own the house, no. Do I have a car, no. I was so panicked thought they were bailiffs as they said would take pets and fish down the pan as shouldnt be able to afford to keep them, they said. They probably have done me a favour as it seems they are taking me to court over a loan and I at least can prepare for the bailiffs to arrive at some point, so anotherwords I can calm down. I dont even have carpets, just some old stereos that they can take if they want. I should have known better not to panic after reading this site for so long, just they caught me on the hop as they say. Next time telling them to pee off. They must be desperate to attack the family pets though, maybe they were peed I have nothing else.
  4. Realised the reason my laptop keeps turning off the wifi is because I keep accidently moving a little brown switch on the front to off. Took me three hours of trawling computer to find out and it was right in front of me.
  5. You know when you get the tank you have to register it with the manufacturer to protect the guarantee of two years. My son did this, so it should prove its his. I did feel they were trying it on with the down the loo bit, but felt panicked at how would I tell my son. Decided not to worry him and make sure guarantee handy in case. So as not a breeder not to worry about them taking pooch and fish, its only an ugly looking cicclid called oscar, we do love him though. Can you imagine them trying to empty a glass tank and take it, it weighs a tonne and nearly did my sons back in lifting it. The dog farts like a trooper and as aged I cant imagine them getting any money for her. Just need not to panick when they say they will take her.
  6. Can a baliff levy our pet dog or fish in tank? The tank is registered in my teenagers name as it is his hobby. I dont know who they were yet, but they said they would flush the fish down the loo:eek: if I didnt pay up. Just dont know who owe to or who baliff is yet as too paniked to listen. They asked me what pets we had and I told them. The tank is massive and took two people to deliver it to my son, can they really take it, it is after all my sons.
  7. You could discretely send a reference to cag and how they could help in the post, not put your name;)
  8. Maybe anger is too strong a word loopinlouie used, more so it should have been moral responsibility that partner did it.
  9. Incidently should they be allowed to terminate an account in dispute.
  10. I did ring them when received it so they can verify when I got it by sar if needed. Just hoping I got the dates right, will check tomorrow. Thanks.
  11. Just that the default notice gave a certain time to remedy the default and as it was sent ukmail which took about a week, have to check dates and notice not handy at present, I phoned them and told them it should have been first class to make those dates and next thing even though have ongoing dispute through fos, they then terminated the agreement.
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