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    Seat Cars

    The sale was a private retail sale. The dealership were made aware that I would be using the car for driving instruction, indeed, this is the 2nd car I have purchased from them. for this purpose. They allowed the dual controls to be fitted (paid for and arranged by my self) prior to me collecting the car.
  2. I wonder if you may help. I have a Seat Leon car which is 21 months old. I purchased the car from a Seat franchised dealer in Aylesbury for £18k The car is used for teaching people to drive, this was made clear when I purchased the car. In early January of this year the car heater failed, under the terms of the warranty Seat UK have attempted to fix the problem on Three occasions (3 days) without success. They now openly admit they do not know what the cause of the problem is, and as a consequence they want to keep the car for an ‘indefinite’ period to sort out the issue. I have already lost about £500 with the car off the road while they were trying to fix it. I have also had pupils tell me they do not want lessons as the car is too cold. I have made a formal request to Seat Cars UK to provide me with a dual controlled car while they fix the problem. They have refused. So under the Supply of goods and services act can I take them to court to seek compensation for loss of earnings and damage to my reputation as a well respected driving instructor? In theory they could keep the car for weeks. Can I hire a dual controlled car and ask them to pay for it? Could I take them to the small claims court to claim redress? I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks [removed]
  3. Many thanks for your help pompeyfaith & honeybee13. I have just changed it! ta
  4. Any help or advice please on the following. I work in a state school, I was off ill with swine flu (this was covered by my doctors sickness certificate) on my return to work I was told I had been moved to another position where I would be “less of an inconvenience”. I am covered by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) I was not consulted about this enforced transfer, so I informed the headteacher I was not happy about this. He was adamant that he could move me as he had the beat interests of the pupils to think of. I raised a grievance but this was not upheld, I have now appealed and the hearing is due soon. The headteacher is a bully and does not tolerate illness in any shape or form. I had to leave work the other day after 2 hours as I had a migraine, he made me complete a ‘back to work’ form, however, other staff do not have to do this, only me. I have never had any formal or informal warnings about my absence before I now think he is trying to push me out of the school. I feel I have been treated less favourably than other workers and I have been discriminated against because of my disability. Any suggestions or help.
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