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  1. I have now finally received a response from the bank:- Where do I go from here? Do I reply to this letter and if so with what? Should I put all my evidence together and send it to the FSA? Do I simply wait to go to court? I was under the impression that a debt can't be passed on while it's in dispute so how can they sell it on to a DCA? As always any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  2. I received a reply from the bank saying that they were sorry to learn of the difficulties I had experienced with my account. They also said I had to go into a branch to change the address connected to my account. Finally they told me that they would respond to me by the middle of July. So I went into a branch and changed the address and then waited to hear from them. I then received another letter saying thanking me for updating my details and apologizing as "our investigations are taking a little longer than anticipated because we are obtaining information from other areas of the
  3. Thanks to all of you. I haven't actually sent the letter yet so I shall update it appropriately. I'll let you know what happens next. Thanks again.
  4. Hi all, It's been a few months and then the other day I received a phonecall from a DCA. I told them the debt was in dispute and I would not discuss it with them. Today I received a letter from them I'm not quite sure what to do next. I drafted a letter back to the bank as I don't see any reason to contact the DCA. Any ideas what I should do next? I would like to bring the matter to a close as soon as possible as I'm sick of the stress of this hanging over me.
  5. ...as if by magic I received a response this morning. The letter I sent was addressed to the bank responsible for my loan. The response was from a DCA but was signed by the person I had written to at the bank. On further inspection it appears that the DCA is a subsidiary of the bank. In the letter they state "Our legal department regularly check that we conform with all aspects of the Consumer Credit Act and I can confirm that our Default Notice is fully compliant.". Well that's good then, she says it's legal so I guess it must be. Then it goes on to say that the account has
  6. Back to my topic... ;-) I sent them the letter by recorded delivery last week and now I'm waiting to hear back from them.
  7. Thanks for all the responses. I still haven't received the letter from the DCA but today I did receive a letter from the bank which again states the outstanding amount as the full amount of the loan. Then it gets worse. They tell me to prevent further action I must contact them "within 14 days of the letter". The letter is dated a few days ago but then says if I fail to contact them by a date in December 2009 they will refer it to their solicitors without further warning. So I'm guessing now is the time to send them a letter accepting their unlawful repudiation?
  8. The bank have indeed now passed it on to a DCA although I have had no communication from them since the phone call. I got a call from a DCA this morning saying they were calling on behalf of the bank. I told her that I had received no communication from the bank regarding them and I would only deal with them in writing, the lady was very polite and said that she would send off a letter today. So now I get to wait a bit more but at least there has been some movement.
  9. Many thanks to all the responses. I will take the advice of Apple and Deb T and wait to see what happens next. I think I panicked as both the phone call from the bank and the response from my friends solicitor caught me off guard, it's been a trying few months. Thanks for all the support.
  10. A friend of mine showed my alleged Default Notice to two friends of his who are Solicitors. They both seemed to think that the bank were acting legally and fairly, although they stressed that it is not their area of law. They have recommended I contact my local CAB which I plan to do tomorrow.
  11. Today is two days after the settlement date indicated on the alleged Default Notice. I recieved a call from a manager at the Loan Company on his mobile phone. He asked me how much I was wiling to pay them and I explained that I would be willing to pay them the arrears to bring the matter to a close as they have terminated the account. I'm a little rattled I was expecting to hear from them in writing not on the phone and he took me completely by surprised. I will put the letter in the post tomorrow minus the last two paragraphs. Any other advice? My girlfriend and my financial sit
  12. I think I may hold fire until the 14 days are up but I knocked this together by cutting chunks out of some of Diddy's letters. (thank you for you eloquence!) ----- Dear Sirs, Your Ref: As you are no doubt aware a Default Notice must conform to prescribed regulations for the manner in which it is set out and the information that it contains. In particular and of paramount importance it must give the debtor an opportunity to remedy any alleged breach and give the debtor 14 days from the date of service of the Default Notice in which to do so. The act also states that i
  13. In a similar boat, subscribing with interest. Good luck!
  14. Excellent. Thanks for your help. I shall keep this thread up-to-date as this unfolds.
  15. It arrived on the 24th November. I immediately panicked and called the bank they told me if I could make a payment in the next week it would be okay. I haven't yet made the payment as I'm still broke. Would it be sensible to cancel the direct debit to save being charged by my bank and then just wait for a Termination or summons from the Loan provider? They call me fairly regularly but I've stopped answering since every address I give them is apparently not the one on my account despite me receiving their post just fine. Thanks for your prompt replies.
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