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  1. I've been on a mission the last few months to repair my credit file after finding a lot of errors on my report. Some things were simple to fix (incorrect entries etc), but the biggest issue was a £17k default for a London Scottish secured loan that was supposed to be repaid years ago when I split with my ex and we sold our house. LS said the loan wasn’t fully cleared from the sale proceeds and defaulted the £17k outstanding balance, but the solicitors said they paid exactly the amount LS asked for and provided proof of this. LS tried to blame the solicitors, basically accusing them of malpract
  2. Thanks for your reply ndcdavis. The property is in England, but I am resident in Scotland (and was at the time of the sale). That’s another complication really, as I’d need to find a solicitor that can advise on English law, which isn’t easy. My uncle is a lawyer and has kindly offered to look at it all for me, but he specialises in criminal law rather than family/conveyancing issues and only works in Scotland, so he doesn’t know how much help he’ll be able to offer me. Still, once I have all the information I need, I plan to take him up on his offer before I go any further. In answ
  3. You're completely right Ganymede, that's what makes this all so complicated I knew that I was joint and severally liable for the loan, that's why I insisted on it being repaid in full from the sale proceeds. On the plus side, the solicitors have acknowledged this in their letter to me. Their defence is that London Scottish said the £3k was for full repayment, therefore they have acted as per my instructions and any queries on this should be directed to London Scottish etc etc. So as far as they are concerned, they were never made them aware of any shortfall. This is what I based my compl
  4. I have a very complicated situation that I need help with if anyone can spare a few minutes to read my thread in the 'mortgages and secured loans' section? In hindsight it probably would have been better to post in here as it's so complicated, but I can't see an option to move it. ***Link is now below thanks to wino!*** Basically I'm caught between my solicitor and the loan company (London Scottish), and I feel like piggy in the middle! Any advice would be very gratefully received. Thanks very much.
  5. Thanks for your replies sillygirl. I think the whole secured/unsecured thing is very confusing to be honest, as I'm not sure if it technically went unsecured. The property sold on 24th August 2007 - they're saying that £22,981 became due on this date, as the property was a secured loan. But because only £3,000 was paid (as per their agreement with my ex, of course!) they entered the balance as a default. This was recorded on 31st August, exactly a week after the sale (only the balance should have been £19,981, not £17,183 - still no idea where this figure came from). Their letter states
  6. Judging by lots of views and no replies, I'm guessing this is too complicated - sorry! I was going to edited my post to just give a quick summary of the main points instead but I don't seem to have the option to, so thought I'd just put them here: · In 2007 I sold a property jointly owned with my ex. We were not in contact so everything was done through the solicitor. The Halifax mortgage and London Scottish secured loan were paid off in full, and this was all confirmed by the solicitor. My ex received all the leftover cash from the sale. · Out of the blue London Scottish are now c
  7. This is probably going to be very long and complicated, so apologies for that! I’ll try to be as clear as I can, sorry if I’ve missed anything out. And I hope I’ve put this in the right place. In 2004 I purchased a house with my now-ex partner, with a mortgage from Halifax. A few months later we took out a secured loan with London Scottish to put in a new kitchen and bathroom. We decided to wait until after Christmas to get the work done, but before that happened we split up. I moved back to Scotland to be near my family (we were not married), and we agreed that he would get the new kitc
  8. CAG newbie here looking for some help please! This might end up being long so I'll apologise in advance I decided to get a copy of my Equifax credit report today, and what a shock that was! In 2007, there are serious mortgage arrears and a default of almost £18,000 from a secured loan on a property I used to own with my ex. We split up in 2005 and I moved to Scotland, he stayed while we tried to sell the house. It took two years to sell (it needed major refurbishment - hence the secured loan), and during this time he told me he was paying the mortgage and loan every month, and even email
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