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  1. thanks I'm not sure that I do have a good reason for being out of time (though possibly I could argue postal strike), other than I made a mistake on the form. If I hadn't done that I'd be in time. What's made it out of time is the time they took to read the form and send it back to me with a rejection.
  2. The TEC have returned my statutory declaration - unpaid bus lane penalty charge - because I simply missed the fact that I need to put both my name and address in the box on the form - I just put my address. I did sign the form, and as far as I am concerned my name is clear from the signature. I am now just 1 day over the 21 days from date of service for order of recovery. (the first letter from tec) I am a little lost as to what to do next. TEC said they had sent me a witness statement out of time form with the rejection - it actually wasn't included in the letter. I have foun
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