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  1. Looks like the OP didn't read his Esporta or his Virgin contracts. This is stupid. I am a member of Virgin and know what I have signed. Initially he needs to establish the notice period he signed up to. Some contracts do have the three month clause.
  2. I'm a member of a VA club. In the first year of membership there is a three month notice period required to cancel. Have you checked to see if your membership has this condition?
  3. I would have thought the sensible thing would have been to cancel your direct debit so that no further monies could be taken. Why didn't you do that?
  4. I am a member of an Esporta club. The general manager and his senior staff have always been able to sort out any problems without recourse to head office.
  5. Why not go into your club and speak personally to the general manager or the membership manager? I'm sure they'll sort something out for you. They might even give you a few guest passes.
  6. Had the boy given 3 months notice in January he would have paid about £180 in total and had full use of the club until the end of March. Pity he didn't consider this at the time. Has he been into the club and had a face-to-face meeting with the manager?
  7. You will have signed a contract when you joined. What does it say about your queries? Suggest you make an appointment to se the manager to discuss your problems.
  8. Where is the detail from OFT? I'd like to read it.
  9. I know a number of people who have left without a problem. They simply follow the rules they agreed when they joined. It seems some people want to cheat the system all the time. Also when at my club I often hear prospective members being signed up and the 3 month clause is always mentioned to them by the sales staff.
  10. I don't work for Esporta but I am a member. I know what I've signed up to and am very happy with my membership.
  11. Assuming you want to join the club there isn't any way you can do so without signing a contract. Most clubs limit guest visits. They would be very suspicious of anyone not willing to sign.
  12. One thing in all this that hasn't been mentioned is the stupidity of individuals to sign contracts without reading them. Most of the anguish expressed on these threads could have been easily avoided by applying a little common sense at the beginning.
  13. I didn't say the debt collection firm could put an entry on his file. If he is in default on his payments then Esporta can do this. Their contracts clearly state 3 months written notice - if you read them.
  14. Esporta does require 3 month's notice as per their contract. If he doesn't pay and they pass it to a debt collection firm then he could get a black mark on his credit rating.
  15. I'm a member at Esporta and am very happy with them. I've just signed up for another year, my 8th, at a reduced cost to last year.
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