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  1. Still not heard anything since, i was under the impression that having a letter before action and a letter telling me i have 14 days to respond things would of moved on by now?
  2. Ok thaks for that would be interesting to know the details of wayneoski's hearing.
  3. Yes they used the word fine, and yes i read multiple other threads and i shall await the court papers.
  4. I was under the impression i had to reply within 14 days? or not. Oh yes thats what they wrote
  5. Ok thanks for that i will no doubt include it in the reply to their solicitors.
  6. So NE need the land owners permission to enforce tickets but dont have it? So is it NE parking i need to ask for the land owners permission to enforce?
  7. Thats good to know thanks for that, i do know they dont have planning permission for a car park. Can i just ask who you asked for the contract?
  8. Hi guys sent the above letter from ericsbrother today received a response telling me there has been no breach in GDPR and their client has not breached their contract with DVLA. And as their client has followed all the steps required to proceed with a claim then i MUST provide them details of the driver or NE parking may rightfully assume that i was the driver and liability will fall onto me. NE parking are making a claim for damages under breach of contract the contract being the one i entered into when making payment to and parking in the car park.
  9. So you think i should reply outlining why they wont be getting any money from me?
  10. Today i have received a letter from Quinn Barrow acting on behalf of NE parking. It states i have 14 days to make a payment or alternatively i must write and acknowledge receipt of this letter within the same 14 days. My written response must include: A full account of the circumstances that led to the parking charge Confirmation as to who the driver of the vehicle was A current address of the driver Unless a satisfactory written response is provided they are instructed to issue proceedings against me without any further notice. They al
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