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  1. I'll be avoiding London too. It's not about the sports any more, it's all about commercial greed. May they all commercially compete on unfair terms and go bust.
  2. If he had put the deposit in a scheme you would have been notified when he made a claim for the deposit for damage and cleaning etc. So obviously not in a scheme. You are in a very good position. I would just file a claim for the deposit not being held in a scheme. He cannot deny this. I am assuming you have witnesses willing to testify and / or some sort of written evidence to show the deposit was paid and or that it has now been spent on the repairs and cleaning. If he has put any of that in writing you have a very good claim for return of your deposit. Now you have suggested
  3. Many years ago they changed the law with regards to insurance cover. It used to be only whilst driving so you had to park the vehicle off the road if it no insurance, this was changed and means the person who has parked it is still responsible for it, on the road or off. However if you drive your own vehicle the insurance then reverts to cover you on your vehicle leaving the parked one without cover, so it could then be classed as uninsured, but then that is for the prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the exception does not apply.. My policy clearly states under driving other
  4. Hi Zaphod27, I think this actually allows the vehicle to stay taxed so long as a person driving it is insured, eg. using their own third party insurance to drive the vehicle. I will definitely be keeping a copy of this in my wallet. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/49/section/22 (1) 144A (5) Section of relevance below, as a vehicle being used by someone else is covered even when parked. 22 Offence of keeping vehicle which does not meet insurance requirements (1) In the Road Traffic Act 1988 (c. 52), after section 144 insert— “144A Offence of keeping vehi
  5. By my understanding of the DPS once you file a claim for the non protection of the deposit it covers the whole amount of deposit and three times this amount to be paid to you upon winning the case. It is already in your favour as the deposit was not protected and cannot be done so now as you have left the property (I assume). You will receive the amount deducted and further unless proof of damage or reasonable cost to replace items that were in the contract can be proved. You would do better to start your own thread and people on here will do their best to help. Remember - All advice
  6. Can't see this is legal even. What if the vehicle is under foreign insurance? It is still insured and quite legal. If someone else has insurance to drive it then again the vehicle is covered by the minimum legal requirements. I see this as a big con and will not stop the problems that should be addressed. Just another tax on the public for cash strapped government. Basic third party insurance and road tax could be on fuel. That way if you buy fuel you have road tax (VED) and third party cover. If people want fully comp then they have the option to pay for this. Problem solved and 9
  7. Hi Louise 123, Your agreement is for both to adhere to, so yes. Have you tried writing to the agent and pointing this out? I'm sure they will come up with a reason as to why it took so long to send you the report though. If the deposit was held properly in a scheme then you can contact them. Also start your own thread then you will get more response to your problem. We need more details so expect questions and do your best to answer. Good luck.
  8. Some sort of contract is definitely right. Your solicitor should have advised you of costs such as this and given you a copy of the lease with the terms and conditions. It seems a bit odd that you own the house freehold but the garage is leasehold. Make sure they actually have a right to charge you anything as they will send out demands even when they are not supposed to and many people just pay up without checking it thoroughly. Try to find out who the freeholder of the garage is if you want to obtain the freehold and then be rid of Solitaire. By the way if the freeholder is Fr
  9. Hi tomwm. In my opinion it would be worth avoiding anything to do with Solitaire or their parent company. I still have an ongoing dispute with them and trying to remove them from the maintenance but Estates & Management are the ground rent collectors, again part of the Consensus group that are Peverel/Solitaire, and each company making things as difficult as possible. I now only send letters and payment to them by signed for delivery. Despite their constant demands for money, when they get sent only what is owed they don't bank it then try to say it was not sent. However onc
  10. The amounts are very convenient as it comes to £200 exactly but the list shows what I would imagine to take more than one hour to do. Give the cleaning company a call and ask for a breakdown & how many cleaners attended. Inform them that they may be called to court to explain the invoice. Any discrepancies in what has actually been done needing to be explained in the small claims might very well see a refund coming soon. I can see a need for some dusting after 8 days but that is not down to you. Dust will settle over a period of 8 days, but that means they never checked it when you le
  11. Send them a letter before action asking for a full refund. State you have witnesses to verify the flat was clean and tidy. Don't worry about the photo's or lack of. Give them two weeks to refund you in full. Also ask them for an exact copy of the cleaners invoice so you can question the cleaners directly as to what was cleaned. I do not believe they have paid that much for one hours general cleaning either. This seems like another one of those scams just to make money from your deposit, as a reputable firm would have been there on the day you left to check this in your presence allowing
  12. a.tenant1987 If you have already over paid then just pay the difference for this month. If you have already paid this month too then you entitled to it back immediately and the damage deposit when you leave (providing you have not broken anything). You really should have started your own thread for more responses and help.
  13. Get a copy of the report from the letting agency stating it was fine. If it was not in the contract then you cannot be charged for something - this would be equivalent to betterment - not replacing broken or missing items. First write demanding back any money outstanding and include details of what is not covered under the agreement. Be prepared to take the landlord to court and include a letter before action.Tell them you have pictures of the day you left showing the condition, but get a copy of any report from the letting agency first, they should be OK with that from what you have put.
  14. As my understanding of the TDS non compliance in a word "Yes". You only claim the outstanding amount owed, court fees (if applicable) & deposit X 3. 2100 + 132 + court fee
  15. I am a landlord and this is my opinion of the rules with regard to TDS. As far as I am aware once the tenancy has ended the landlord cannot then protect the deposit in a scheme. All must be returned to you or you can make a claim. This should be for the amount still owing and 3x deposit. In fact the landlord should never had held your deposit unprotected. I would put this in writing to the landlord as a letter before action giving 'X' number of days for full return of amount still outstanding or you will take legal action to claim this amount plus 3x deposit as allowed by failing
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