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  1. ok thanks, so that one i'll leave and treat it as in dispute, cca request letter sent, nothing received, account in dispute until cca provided. what a scary letter though! so that just leaves the two sainsbury's cca's received, i'll try and get a better scan sorted. can anyone tell me what the next step would be if they were valid cca's? thanks again for the help!
  2. well, i've sent the in dispute letter but received a letter from bryan carter solicitors regarding egg, stating that they are going to refer the matter for court proceedings to be issued in ten days unless payment is received. it also says that a judgement order may prevent any future credit and will remain on a register for 6 years, that the matter is at a critical stage and i should obtain independent legal advice... is this just bullying tactics? if so it's working pretty well as this letter has scared the xxxx out of me...
  3. ps they both look pretty genuine - what's the next step if they are?
  4. Oops! Hmm don't know what went wrong there... Both are 1602 x 2268 .bmp files... Might try taking a photo. They're both Sainsbury's Bank ones but are two separate ones.
  5. Ok here are my two cca replies. The first one is from Aktiv Kapital regarding a Sainsbury's Bank loan, balance about £5k. Original cca request sent 2nd December 09, this was received 23rd June. The second one is from Hillesden Securities for aSainsbury's Bank loan, balance about £500. Original cca request sent 24th January this year. This was received 21st June. They look proper to me but I'd appreciate any advice... Thanks again
  6. Thanks reallymadwoman - much appreciated! I've printed off the "in dispute" letter and will send that off today. I've also finally managed to figure out the stone age scanner in the library and will post up my CCA replies from Sainsbury Bank later. Thanks again
  7. Ah no I haven't read any of the Egg threads but I did take note of the advice that this might happen... The dca sent my £1 postal order back so not sure if that counts as account in dispute? I could print one off and send it, like you say... The Egg debt is approximately £3k, not sure if that's a small claims court amount... This is all still pretty confusing for me!
  8. Haven't had a chance to get to the library yet to scan my documents in... Should get it done before this weekend though. Cheers again for the help. Hopefully they'll not mind seeing as it took them about half a year to comply with my request! Additionally I'm getting threatening letters from another one of the dca's - Fredrickson International - these people have not complied with my cca request and now they're saying they are going to advise their client (Egg) to instruct their solicitors to issue a "claim" against me. Any advice on how to handle this? They told me to go dir
  9. Yeah, the couple I have are for Sainsbury's bank, the Egg one I did get a response like that so I've left it as it's quite clear in the cca request letter that they are responsible for getting the document... Silly dca's... I'll get those two cca's scanned and uploaded tomorrow. Thanks for the advice!
  10. Hello again! Ok I've received a couple of letters with what look like credit agreements in them - what do I need to do, blank out any personal details / account numbers and scan them in, then upload them? Bit miffed that they managed to find them...
  11. good stuff, cheers people! I'll file that letter away and put them out of my mind. Although i'm very tempted to write that letter to them giving them a taste of their own medicine! At least Aktiv were quite civil about it, put the account on hold and said they'd endevour to find the cca. Credit Solutions seem to be a different kettle of fish, but to be honest they were the worst ones for sending random doorstep collection and ccj threats for no apparent reason, i suppose it's par for the course for them! once again thanks for all the invaluable advice. Superb website a
  12. LOL you were right mate, that's exactly what they did! I sent the letter back marking out the paragraph that clearly states their responsibility. They've written back to me AGAIN returning my £1 fee and again asking me to contact the client directly. The letter says: "I write in reference to your letter dated 24th December 2009. Please note I refer you to our previous letter dated 9th December 2009 whereby my colleague advised you that you would need to contact our client directly with your request for a copy of your Consumer Credit Agreement. I enclose your £1.0
  13. Hi again - ok, the 12+2 days is up and I've sent them the "account in dispute" letter today. I haven't heard anything more from Aktiv since their letter a couple of weeks ago, or from Credit Solutions since I sent them the letter back (with the paragraph highlighted) last week. I'll post back if I hear anything further - I'm assuming they'lll try some threat badgering (thought I'd try a different animal verb!) once they receive this letter, but unless they send a copy of the credit agreement then I can just ignore them, is that correct? Thanks again for the help with this, brilliant
  14. Ok cool - i'll post that off tomorrow, thanks peeps! I'll report back with any replies / further developments - i really appreciate all the help.
  15. I'm thinking of sending them back the letter and postal order (that they sent back to me) with that paragraph highlighted - and on their cover slip writing "please see highlighted paragraph" - just so that way the ball is firmly back in their court. Just would feel a bit better then i think, as you all say it's clear in the letter (and the law) that they are responsible for getting the documentation, whether they are the creditor or acting on behalf of the creditor... However if they have sent back the £1 fee then maybe they'd use that as an excuse for not complying with the cca req
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