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  1. Thank you for your reply. I HAVE used trust online, which is why im confident i dont have a ccj, even if equifax didnt pick up on it. In addition to that, i have recently in the last few months got a t mobile phone contract, a credit card and a new current account with debit card. Not something anyone with a ccj would get in a hurry.
  2. about 2002. Regarding the ccj, he claimes i dont need to know if one was issued or need to turn up in court for it lol. Well in that case, why dont they just pursue me through the courts instead , rather than send begging letters, you see where im coming from ? Also regarding the operators claims he has me on tape recording agreeing to a payment plan away back on 07 and will arrange to send the recording out. Why does he feel this is neccessary if they allready have a ccj and ample evidence ? It stinks to me to be honest. I think they r pulling a fast one.
  3. Hello again all. Ok regarding my battle with mck hall and now meritforce. I have recieved a letter that says a doorstep agent will be coming round in 10 days to ``discuss`or a door step assessment. It notes the `original creditor` and ``pursuer` as the same original lender. They claim that if no `positive committments` have been made towards clearing said debt then the debt will be passed back to ``original lender`which they will advise to take appropriate/further action. Now a few points here. The debt goes back to 2000 and was originally for motor hp. In my recent telephone chat , the details which are above, the operator claimed i had a ``ccj in 2007``which i have absolutely no details about. There is nothing on my credit files and there is nothing on other databases i have checked. So id imagine she is talking out of a place the sun doesnt shine too often. secondly, why have they taken so long to send me this letter , when i have seen searches on my credit files going back to 2007 ? I have been at my addy since 2003 ! I have a slight feeling that they deliberately delay chasing the debt until some more charges and interest are placed on the account, a shallow practice indeed. Finally, i am thinking about replying to the letter with a simple request. Not so much as a prove it letter, but more of `provide some paperwork, show me the original agreement, anything on paper. I may have had some telephone dealings in the past, but ive never written to them ever. The gist of my calls have always been ``provide something in writing` to which they never have. Any advise please. My reqest is simple. I need documentation to show i have a debt, and to show the original agreement to which it belongs and , most importantly, prove the ccj exists, bcos i have no knowledge of it. ONLY then can matters be taken further on my part. What do u guys and girs think ? If they cant, they aint getting a single penny from me. If it goes to court, which i doubt bcos they would have done it by now, and not wait 3 years to do it, then i will explain that they have refused every request by me verbally to send something in writing, so that im sure any money i do decide to pay, doesnt go down a black hole. advice please. cheers.
  4. thanks all who replied. Will keep you posted. Im off to tesco extra to get some new headphones. Going to listen to this recording ( if it ever arrives ) Which reminds me, does tesco offer refunds for non opened items
  5. haha, can u also please tell me if there claims about a ``ccj` issues in 2007 is likely to be true ? As i said, ive been here for over 7 years at my current addy, ive had no court letters and indeed ive recently had a mobile phone contract and a new current account opened, i doubt they would have opened any of these with a current ccj. My credit files also have no mention of a ccj. If indeed she has been lying over the ccj, is there any action i can take ? cheers. p.s. I also need to add here, it is very important to get everything in writing. That includes payment proposals / agreements, dates, terms etc. Becuase if u pay anything by an agreement over the phone, what to stop any dca to DENY u paid them anything ? This imo is common sense. U wouldnt pay roland rat 10 pounds a week out of the blue if he called u would you ?? So get it all in writing. AND if there is no written anything, let them take u to any court in the land, and any judge can see the stupidity of their actions.
  6. ok revnant, thanks for that. Well as off now, im waiting for the magic ``tape recording` to appear, which she said she gonna send me. But as i said, if she shut her mouth for one minute and listened to what i said, she would have heard me say, send something in writing,some credit agreement, some repayment proposal, some ccj evidence, but all she could mention in the end was the ``magical tape recording`. I have to say at one time i would have folded, but this site has certainly taught me not to fold and buckle so keep it up. Now, i cant wait to hear my voice again on this tape lol.
  7. I need some help here please. I got a call from mckenzie hall regarding some old outstanding car hire purchase agreement. As per usual from this DCA, the women was rude and obnoxious. She told me the debt was undisputable and that she had already discussed a repayment plan with me in 2007 LOL, which i hadnt stuck to, and she informed me i had arrears of 1000 pounds, and that account is in default, She also informed me a ccj was issues in 2007 on this. Now i asked her simply, to send me something in writing, some paperwork, some proof, anything, as any fool can ring someone up and claim they owe money for varous things. I also told her if i discussed a repayment plan in 2007, why is my arrears only 1000 from 2007 up to now ? This was based on 50 quid a week. She threatened various things but i told her if she wants to take me to court, then do it, as any judge will see its rather unfair to impose anything on someone without paperwork, pay in slips, written proposal etc. She then told me before she rudely hung up that she will have the tape recording sent to me as proof we discussed this in 2007. Sorry to be long winded, but i wasnt denying the debt, although i never gave the caller this impression. All i asked is that if things have progressed to this level, i.e., ccj, arrears, default etc, then why have i not recieved a single piece of paper outlining my repayment proposals, or indeed any court letter about my ccj ?? Also i asked her is this the reason she rung me up to give me her bull ****, as if she was serious about ``coming to a proposal` then surely her time would be better spent trying to find a solution instead of going off on one. Any advice as what or how to approach this ismost welcome. thank you.
  8. Happy new year all. Thought id let u know of a recent fiasco with the good old RBS. Opened an account, a key account, just a basic with debit card and usual dd and so facilites. Did this about 4 weeks ago. Account is opened, and ive paid out some direct debits etc set up on them. However, ive been delayed getting a debit card for cash withdrawals, for weeks. Been into the branch 3 times, finally bank manager decides to look into matters himself. Then today, he rings me telling me he was onto head office (do they still have one ) and bcos i had an outstanding amount on my account previously ( older account now closed) the card request was blocked. Even worse, he told me head office asked IF I CAN DO MY BANKING ELSEWHERE hahaha. This is unreal. The arrogance is astounding. I imagine the ``outstanding` amount relates to my previous bank charges which i refused to pay. Are anyone in our society going to get a grip of these crooks, or are they going to wreak havoc with their attitude and policy.
  9. Thank u all so much. Very appreciated. I will hold back until i get something concrete with more details , if i do that is, i wil keep u posted. cheers.
  10. very nice, thx for this info. Impressive. So what shall i do about the postcard. I must add, it wasnt hand posted, it came via royal mail. Id like to give them a bloody nose. Write to them asking what they have sent me and ask for any back up evidence of debt etc. Advice again please. thx.
  11. Ive been in ct arrears for a long time, ignored mostly, usual letters from their enforcers. Thankfully ive never recieved seq notices at all or a charge or sheriff officers. I contacted the council personally and set up a very generous repayment schedule. Well not generous but it got them off my back. I have a payment card i pay into weekly.
  12. OK got details. They r called `federal management``just did a phone search. However i have no idea what they r chasing.
  13. Does this law about not visiting apply in scotland also ??
  14. Ive read enough on here to feel confident of standing up to these bullies.
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