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  1. Anyone out there that might be able to help? I have a court case next monday......am desperate! Thanks in advance!
  2. any comments at all on the agreement and default notice would be extremely helpful - am working to a deadline here! thanks! Martel
  3. Iain! Nice to hear from you again! I'm attaching what Welcome have sent me as copies of the DN and covering letter. Not on Welcome stationery and not signed. Also, don't think it's properly drawn up (14 days from the date of this letter instead of providing an actual deadline date, etc.). I was under the impression that DNs were no longer relevant when arguing the validity of the agreement.....but I'm no expert!! Thanks for all your help. Martel Welcome DN231.pdf
  4. Welcome are now issuing statements, after a 2 year absence. What are they playing at? Would love some feedback.... Thanks!! Martel
  5. Have now rec'd a letter from HL Legal Solicitors, who claim to act for Experto 'who are agents for Welcome'....they've given me 7 days to pay the whole amount (the original loan plus £11,000!!). Any ideas from anyone on what i should do??? thanks in advance!!! Martel
  6. Welcome's statement of case Welcome statement of cas228.pdf
  7. Hi - no, I went to court and explained the mess re my appeal. DJ didn't care. Told me to take up with the court (not helpful). Didn't care about the recent OFT rulings on COs. Approved the CO in seconds. A nightmare.
  8. Hi Post, Is this what you had in mind? Welcome has sent me so much stuff, it's tricky trying to decipher everything. Thanks, Martel Welcome statements226.pdf
  9. Here is the loan agreement. And the OFT's recent 'requirements' imposed on Welcome. Wonder if this will help me?? Look forward to hearing any insights..... Thanks in advance! Welcome edited loan agre224.pdf Welcome-requirements.pdf
  10. Hi Shadow, Thanks for your post. I don't know what in the new OFT requirements might apply to my case. I think the other three OFT requirements (Welcome, Alliance and Leicester and HFC) also concentrate on charging orders but also, to my untrained eye, involve 'unfair relationships'. Interesting about the Brandon case.....looking forward to hearing the verdict on Monday!!! Just seems the courts are siding with the creditors. MXXX
  11. Does anyone think that this recent OFT ruling might be helpful to my case?????Amex-requirements.pdf Thanks in advance, MX
  12. In case anyone is interested, here are the OFT's requirements for the four companies it admonished:\ALPF-equirements.pdf Welcome-requirements.pdf HFC-requirements.pdf Amex-requirements.pdf
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