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  1. Hi honeybee.....you’re right regarding confidentiality - I didn’t really think this issue was but probably prudent to remove file for now....can’t manage to edit or remove it??? Help!!!!

    1. DudleyPebbles


      Hi me again....I've removed the whole document and in the copied post I've removed the title of it but in the original post I cannot edit my name out.  If you could advise how I can edit this highlighting the name doesn't work as I don't get a delete option.....most of its removed though now and if anyone wishes to see the correspondence I can scan it in but block the names/addresses.  Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention.

    2. honeybee13




      I think I've edited the title of the pdf in post #1.


      Best, HB

    3. DudleyPebbles


      Thank you 🙏 , really appreciate your help xxx

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