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  1. Hi applecrumble, been abit busy of late, but thought you people would like to know, my court date for mums bank charges was on the 4 sept but have had letter from abbey, settled in full so WE WON:-D only thing is they are asking for settlement letter, any ideas? if applecrumble still needs info, please post.
  2. received hearing date for september, i have most of the court bundle done, but apparently cannot put a copy of their defence in that they sent me because it has WITHOUT PREJUDICE ACROSS THE TOP OF PAGE.IS this right
  3. Can Anyone Answer The Above Post, If I Dont Here Something Soon From The Court About Aq, Think I Will Have To Ring Them, Its Been Almost 2 Weeks Since They Sent There Copy Of Defence, They Have Filed.
  4. julesvern


    Hi dicky, on the mirofiche it must have round figures of money taken, i mean abbey and other banks take say £30 for unpaid dd etc
  5. julesvern


    Hi dicky, dosent it have things like charg for paying direct debit (dd) or charg for being over authorised overdraft, or charg for paying, sorry clearing cheque whislt being overdrawn
  6. Hi, received from abbey copy of defence they have sent to court with ''WITHOUT PREJUDICE'' across the top of covering letter, that was posted on 1 may. still havent heard anything from court, is this the usual procedure of should i ring court on monday to find out whats happening:confused:
  7. Thanks kate, will do that, and wait to here from court.
  8. Thanks kate, I have received defence from abbey from them someone called Vivian Roux paralegal, dont no wheather to wait for AQ or post my court bundle on tuesday, its almost ready, what does without prejudice imply, thanks for your help.
  9. Hoping someone will help with previous post,
  10. Hi all first, thank you livelylad i will do as you say, but, mum has today received a letter from abbey with details of there defence, not from the court,basicly says mum should not have gone overdrawn on her overdraft naughty, that they explained this in a leaflet,they dont owe her any money,that she has gone over her limit on a number of occasions, naughty, is this what everybody gets, I beleive now we wait for the AQ?
  11. Hi kate i mean litigation thread, i have claim no etc, but unsure how to post to thread with it , thanks for the help.
  12. Thanks kate, very sorry for posting new threads, but i am not sure yet about using this site, and keeping up with it.
  13. Hi all, received letter from court abbey defending claim, how do i put my details of court case up on this web, also , theres alot of pages to different reports to use in court bundle, can i just select parts that are relevant to charges. any help please.
  14. Hi fargo, offered my mun £205.00, claiming £2000 plus, filed with the court, abbey have acknowledged and are filing defence, good luck with your claim.
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