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  1. Dear thebreakman, Could you please email [email protected] with your details and she will look into this for you. Elaine is the Customer Service Director ay BAYV
  2. Dear pamela 1965 If you would like to contact [email protected] with the details of your account Elaine will liase with you to reach a satisfactory resolution for you. Elaine is the Customer Service Director Kind regards BAYV
  3. Dear bkbkls, Ricky has been trying to make contact with you regarding the delivery of your replacement tv. You do not need to take out another agreement as the new TV is a replacement, your original agreement will end at the original end date. In the meantime if you need any assistance dont hesistate to emal [email protected] Regards BAYV
  4. Dear flynnsmum123, Given the nature of your complaint, would you please contact the BAYV Customer Service Director, Elaine Mockler at [email protected] and she will look to assist you in this matter Kind regards BAYV
  5. Hi stevie67 In response to your most recent post, I can confirm that we honour a 30 day cancellation period with a full refund of account payments made however we would not repay a delivery charge as this covers the cost of delivery. This would include all monies inside the meter and any that may have been paid to our Representative who called. We would again encourage you to send us your details via email so that we may ring you directly. Kind Regards BAYV Customer Service Management Team
  6. Hi stevie67 Many thanks for taking the time to post today. We can confirm that this should not be occuring and therefore if you would like to email your account/ address details to [email protected] whom will be able to rectify this for you immediately. In response to other queries regarding the Direct Debit payment option, you are required to coin the meter/ make card payments for the weeks up to your first direct debit payment and from this date onwards the Direct Debit will take over your payments. There is then no requirement for you
  7. Dear Veganite All sorted covers aspects not covered by the supply of goods act Whilst this list is by no means exhaustive these example represent the highest volume of claims processed under this cover. 1. Upgrade or downgrade allowing change of product before the 50 rule under the hire purchase contract 2. Provision of a loan product whilst main product is away for service 3. Repair of fair wear and tear damage 4. Replacement of consumerables remotes,cables,manuals etc. 5. Retune of Tv PC and laptops etc.
  8. Hi kerry_marie, May I suggest you contact [email protected] Elaine is a member of the senior management team and will be able to assist you. Regards BAYV
  9. Dear Kerry_marie We do not include these in our pricing they are both separate and optional ( This is the practise of other companies) and there is no legal requirement to have them. However we do require as part of our terms and conditions that you have suitable insurance to cover your items for those that do not we offer via a 3rd party (Castelan Ltd and underwritten by Ageas Insurance Ltd) A new for old insurance policy. As you state it may be a cheaper alternative if you have multiple agreement to have a single household insurance policy that covers hire purchase agreements, one
  10. Dear veganite The Data Protection Act 1998 (the ‘DPA’) applies only to information which falls within the definition of ‘personal data’. The concept of personal data is therefore key to the DPA and Directive 95/46/EC on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (the ‘European Data Protection Directive’ or the ‘Directive’). The Act defines personal data as information which relates to a living individual who can be identified: from the data or from the data and other information which is in
  11. The company is assisting the OP & Police to pursue the individual responsible we will post final outcome Regards BAYV
  12. Dear Veganite Can you send your email address to Lisa Henry Legal Department Manager at lisa [email protected] Kind Regards BAYV
  13. Dear Veganite We have just tried at 12:47 and it is now working if you can try again This will allow the option of re delivery Kind Regards BAYV
  14. Dear Veganite Please enter the tracking reference provide at the following site http://www.royalmail.com/track-trace You will find instructions on re delivery or collection should you prefer Kind Regards BAYV
  15. To keep this post updated The Company have still had no contact from the customer to arrange a return of the product in order to process a full refund Kind Regards BAYV
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