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  1. Yes I got an email saying the terms and conditions etc had changed I thought it was funny that it was sent today......
  2. Hi all I have been meaning to send off a claim for my unfair charges for almost a year now but I thought I had to write to NATWEST to ask for the statements for the last 6 years. I did this and included a £10 cheque to cover any costs last year and never heard anything back. This morning I heard about the court case on tv so decided to try and get hold of my statements again. I came across this site which said I could get them off online banking!! I could have done it ages ago! Anyway i downloaded them and added them all up (£958!) and wrote a letter detailing them all and sent it this morning. I'm just wondering if I have left it too late and now the court has ruled against the OFT if I have missed the boat and will now not get any back......does anyone have any idea what will happen now? Perhaps they will only deal with the frozen ones and will not bother with any new claims.....argh i hope not! Any information much appreciated
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