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  1. My Mother-in-law sent for a "free sample" of the above tooth whitening product, in response to a pop-up ad. on the internet. Two packages were delivered to her home, before Christmas, as she was leaving to spend the holiday period with our family. She returned home, yesterday, and on checking her Barclaycard statement, she finds multiple amounts (five in total, ranging from £0.82 to £62.27) have been charged to her account. My Mother-in-law has, unwittingly signed up for a subscription to make monthly purchases of a useless product, at a cost of more than £120.00 per month.
  2. Hi Mike, Thanks for your interest and reply. Yes I have tried it, and sent it recorded delivery, also a copy to Complaints, this is what I actually wrote: Collections Dept. Santander Cards Ltd 2, Triton Square, Regent’s Place, London, NW1 3AN 22nd August 2012 Dear Sir, Credit Card Number: xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx Re: Harassment by telephone I am writing in relation to the quantity and frequency of telephone calls that I have received from you
  3. Sent a recorded delivery letter to Santander Cards two weeks ago, with a copy to their complaints dept.( they had already acknowledged a previous request to only communicate in writing) I still get daily 'phone calls, which are upsetting and stressful for my wife, who is convalescing from cancer. If I answer, before they ask any security questions, I ask for the caller's full name and date of birth, which, of course, they refuse to give. I then tell them that I am unable to speak to them and hang up. They still call again the following day. These people can't read, or think they are abov
  4. I've had a Santander credit card since November 2010 with a £9,900 credit limit. I've made payments every month, above the minimum payment, and in plenty of time, always paying by standing order. Last June, my wife was diagnosed with cancer. She has had two major operations and a course of chemotherapy, and is now, hopefully, on the mend. However, she has not worked since last June and funds have been tight. This has not affected my payments to Santander, but on two occasions in recent months I have gone over my credit limit. This has not been by more than £100, and has been rectified as soo
  5. I've tried two post offices, and they both deny any knowledge of being able to send photos to the DVLA, or being able to use a passport photo. I can't see any reference to this in the leaflet that comes with the driving licence application form either. Have you any advice, please?
  6. Hi Nottingham., please excuse my ignorance, but who or what is DIAL?
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