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  1. Hi Wino thanks for the reply I moved from the address I was registered at in feb 2003 and have not spoke to them or any DCA's since or wrote to them A friend tipped me off to just ignore no matter what, Also lol at the poem above this timourous wee beastie is through the winter now hopefully! so will try in the new year to open a basic account as some seem not to have to credit check. Would you also advise just dont contact them and present the above letter if needed to only? this my thinking thanks for the input. Martin
  2. Great news! thnaks very much your advice I had asked a few folk and the answers were not as good or detailed. great to know that the time limit has been passed with this in Feb it will be 7 years since this was incurred, Sad thing is I would never have had to do this if they had been reasonable with a payment plan, thanks so much for your advice. I have had no contact with them at all so should be good to go.Thanks again very gratefulM
  3. Hi found this forum yesterday when trying to google the answer to my above question but to no avail, The situation is as follows was a customer of RBS from childhood until aged 24 I had an overdraft and loan they persuaded me to get. I was loyal and repayed weekly towards settlement I was in an accident and lost all mobility for 6 months and was on stat sick pay which halved my income or even less so the payments got smaller until feb 2003 when they decided to arrest my wages which were already miniscule and not enough to get by on. I was only allowed a third of my wages which didn't cover my bills asked to speak to the manager was denied this and they stuck to the claim they could seize my money as they saw fit to until settled. At this point I had to resign from my job and get incapacity benefit purely so i could get enough money from other means to survive on. I have no contact with them since and have moved addresses. Has anyone ever been in this situation? and anyone know how long the debts can be pursued for? also most likely a common question is there any bank I can use not affliated with rbs even as a savings account in guise of a current account help sick of having to hide and not having the means to access my own wages. I would have settled with them but their behaviour is disgusting to me and I will never give up to them. many thanks for your advice anyone who can
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