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  1. nice try but wrong i'm afraid that company went over a year ago we got all there sites from them
  2. As it goes no i don't and i would be very upset if i got clamped, but its a job, theres a huge market out there and someone has to fill it. i do feel for someone that has only been over by 5 minutes ( we operate a 20 min overstay system) if they have genuinley been to the space owners shop. but the people that think "oh sod it i'll park here i'm only nipping to the shop" and don't shop in the space owners shop.... there fair game. they make that choice. i had a mouthy guy the other week, thought he was big cutting clamp off. got arrested and called crying because he had criminal record and had applied for a job and just lost it due to this. he cut off clamp and took it with him... theft and criminal damage. not his day my advise to you all ........ forget the signs and badge, will all have them. your only chance is contacting the land owner because lots of companies contracts are with lease holders of shops etc. the land owner prob doesn't even know clampers are on his land. if he doesn't then well you have a case. - free advice there you go.
  3. I am not here for world war 3 just to put across that there are too many want to be lawyers here. so you have an angle grinder, what you seem to not understand is that we have photos of vehicle, Your Reg number, and a quick check with DVLA, gives us your address. i always report clamps that have been cut off to the police, keeps the tax man happy knowing where the meant to be funds are for that clamp. when the police come round and arrest you, which they do. you spend hours in cells have DNA taken and embaressment of N/B's watching. ok you may not be charged, may get caution, but that new job you go for .. is lost due to criminal record. i win again plus if you have an outstanding ticket or have cut a wheel clamp off. your vehicle will be flagged on our database and you are not able to use any of our car parks. try walking home from tesco with your shopping !
  4. You lot make me laugh . not one of you has come up with a valid point apart from insults. i control 200+ car parks in london and south east. All my men are SIA registered. I see you alway inform the public not to pay PPC parking tickets, but stuck on the wheel clamping side, apart from make sure the signs are there !! and they have there SIA badge. All my sites are listed at the local police station so if a loser driver calls them they just look at the list and see the site and don't bother coming out. This also stops losers pulling signs off and stating they were not there. this is how the police like it .. there idea. All i can say is "carry on parking losers and moaning" but you all pay !! not one of you or the clamping guide comes across with a simple way of not paying. BTW - 7 losers have taken me to court ..... won everyone, once the judge see's the pictures of vehicle and signs, case lost. thank you very much.. my costs are paid.
  5. Oh i see, thank you for that. I'm very well educated infact, policeman for 14yrs. Is insults the only way you can level a response. understandable.
  6. I own a PPC, i read with humour this site daily at the number of want to be lawyers here. at the end of the day.... you parked you pay simple.. if you get clamped tuff stop moaning and looking for an excuse to get out of it. lets put it simply .... you rent a space in town centre for £1500 per year some loser comes and parks there because he can't afford to use a pay and display car park and doesn't want to spend £1 because he /she can buy more in primark !! you arrive at your space and you can't park meaning you have to find a P&D space and pay now ....... you would soon get P'd off and instruct a PPC to enforce the space and keep it free of unwanted cars so you can enjoy what you pay for.... sod parking tickets..... claiming all the way ... you pay there and then you won't ever park there again ... which is what the client wants. new laws / reduced release fee .... ha ha ha no chance of it coming in.. i charge £120 plus VAT thank you very much people. nice crimbo each year for me.. don't winge you parked it
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