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  1. Thanks for your help. Yesterday my employer confirmed that I will be made redundant on the 22nd of Jan 2010. My contractual notice period is 8 wks & the hrs of work 9-5.30. In the redundancy package they are paying stat redundancy payment of 8 wks at £380, the rest of my SMP, unused holidays & car allowance up to termination of employment. However they are not paying 8 wks full pay notice period & this does seem to be the grey area? I have only been given 5 working days to dispute this I can't get an appt with the CAB until next wk & they were not able to advise me over the phone. Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. Hi - I hope someone out there is able to help me . I am being made redundant and I am in the middle of my maternity leave. Its not just me - we think the whole company is going under and I am not too sure of what is due to me. I will be in the company 8 years in Jan 2009 and normally would earn over the £380pw standard redundancy pay. My normal 39 weeks would be up in March 15th 2010 I get 24 days holidays a year Before I went on leave in 2009 I had about 5 days holidays left. What I need clarification is - if I am made redundant in January 2010 do I get: 8 weeks @£380? The remainder of my SMP ( Jan to March) Any holidays I did not take in 2009 Do they need to offer me another position (that is if the company is still trading)? One other issue is the notice period - does my employer need to give me two months notice of redundancy and if so is it two months normal salary (ie not two months SMP) It would be great to get some replies on this as its seems to be a very complicated affair. sincere thanks in advance Stingyfish
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