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  1. Hiya - actually, what happened was I took welcome to the FOS, and welcome agreed to settle my claim, offering to do it in a letter to the FOS. That was July. I agreed to the settlement in principle, and awaited a response. The FOS of course have strict guidelines that the offer must be made under. Now, Welcome told them it would take eight weeks to settle in writing - that time passed, and in spite of me and the FOS chasing them, they did'nt do anything further. Eventually they emailed the FOs to say it would take ' some time'.The FOS told me they could'nt really do anything, so I took action Then I sent a Notice of Action. They ignored me until the day I was filing papers, then said they'd 'expedite'. I advised them i would only consider this if they put a new date to pay in writing. They refused. I filed papers. Then they sent a letter to me, clearly before they had received the court papers, setting out a settlement where the value was used against the outstanding loan, and secondly, did'nt include interest! So I politely declined. Hope that helps make things clearer!
  2. Sure thing - I'm sure I can find out what you mean. Yes, I did respond to the FOS and Welcome directly with an acceptance of the principle of a settlement; I can post all correspondance on Monday. Just laughed when I saw the ack of service form they had filed - they are defending the whole claim, apparantly; which is hilarious, becuase they've already agreed to and attempted to pay. Big sigh of releif!
  3. Okay so gulp. Got this from MCOL today - what are welcome doing? Double gulp - does this mean I actually have to go to court??? Have they really submitted a defence, or is this just the next step becuase they have said they are? Argh, I don't understand - what could they defend? What possible defence can they offer? Oh lord my shattered nerves. Thank you for your e-mail. Well the claim has now been transferred to Leicester County Court for a hearing. You will receive written notification of this in due course along with your copy of the defendants' defence. Due to the transfer you will no longer be able to use the online service for this claim and should direct all future queries to the local court.
  4. They really don't want you to do the sums on these accounts! Have you hecked the interest rate they're charging as well? I had on my loan that the rate was 3.75 monthly, when i worked it out it varied from 5.5 to 3.9. I'm with the FOS on this at the moment, with my account in dispute.
  5. Ow! I'm in a similar boat, but my gosh, that's a really high rate of PPI. You're not alone, I had a loan of 1500.00 with an acceptance fee of 75.00 and insurance of 563.00. It was only a lot later when I realised how my interest they had charged - 60% APR! Do persist with the PPI reclaiming - you'll be owed a lot of money, as the interest they charge is compound. A hint on how they calculate interest, by the way - they have one rate in the demands and needs statement that you got with your loan, but it might not be right. As part of this process you'll proberbly want to look at your statement and work out how much interest they're actually charging you month by month, so you can make sure they're paying you the right amount back. if you want to post a page of your statement - with all the spersonal details removed - I'll be happy to do the calculations for you.
  6. Thanks so much for the support! The Ombudsman gave me 200.00 in compensation for 'distress and inconveniance' - To be honest, I've been fighting Welcome for a year and a half to get to this point, so as an hourley rate that's a bit poor! But anyway, better than nothing. Sorry, Bankfodder, what's a POC? I've got loads of docs on the case since I did an SAR! To give you some background, the loan was (sorry postggj!) an unsecured personal loan. The PPI was single premium, £563.00 on a loan of only 1500.00, plus an acceptance fee that then had interest charged on it as well at the same rate as the rest of the loan - I have a hunch that's illegal, am I correct? The interest rate was collossal, if I had'nt been desperate I might have thought twice. I've already had them over a barrel for charges made to my account, and i think they tried the same thing they're doing now - first they refunded the charges without interest; then after a couple of letters they refunded the whole amount. it got me really upset last night, wondering whether I'd loose in court - but then my OH reminded me this is just what they're like, bullies, and they might not even file a defence now that I've returned the cheque to them, as they won't be able to claim they've already paid me. I honestly can't think how they could defend against my claim - I calculated the interest for this in the same way as I did for my charges, so it's not that, otherwise I could prove they've accepted it before. It can't be that the don't owe me money, because the FOS have a copy of their letter offering to, and I have the details of their attempt to pay. Oh, they make me so mad! even after all this time, I'm surprised how demonic they are!
  7. Hi there I've been a long time lurker on this forum, and it's helped guide me through some tough times with the dreaded welscum. Basically, they agreed to settle my claim for miss-selling insurance via the FOS. I've calculated that they have clawed 3K off me over the course of the loan becuase they're using compound interest (of course!) After they gave me a date when they agreed they would settle by, they exceeded it. Like a monkey i sat around waiting for things to happen. when i realised they were'nt going to do anything, I told them that they needed to give me a date to settle or I'd take them to court. they ignored the Notice of Action until the last day possible, then called me and said they would try and settle soon, but would'nt put date in writing - it would just be 'early 2010'. I took this for what it was worth and submitted my claim through MCOL. Anyway, yesterday I got a letter that was sent the day I submitted my claim - a letter saying that a. I would have to use the settlement against my loan and b. not including interest they had charged me for the insurance policy! basically it came to 1k - a third of what they really owe me I've sent the cheque back today, along with an explaination of why I'm refusing it, a copy of the guidance they agreed to when they said they would settle, and my calculations. I also found out they've filed an acknowledgement of service, so I guess they're putting in a defence saying that they have already paid me. Now my teeth are chattering a bit - have I done the right thing? I know these guys are slimy slimy balls of ick, and handmaids of evil, etc. I know I have all the paperwork showing the interest they have charged me, but I'm shaking in my shoes about what they might be up to! Has anyone had experiance of them in court over miss-selling PPI? do you think they really do intend to file a defence - or are they just assuming I've taken the cheque? Just looking for toher's opinions and feelings - these scumbuckets have me all doubtful now!
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