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  1. Brassneck I cannot get on the thread..


    I was not talking about the action by the Company, I was talking about the correct charge for that offence, red zone. Which would also be a civil offence not a criminal, due to the decriminalisation in that area.

    So you cannot say it should have been held in a criminal court, it, like the charge claim would both be held in a ciil court. It is very unfairtoto be able to respond.

    1. Peterbard


      Part two the important bit PLEASE READ 1981 road traffic ct


      offence. Notice of a contravention is issued in the form of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) to the motorist. If the ‘charge’ is not paid the non payment is treated as a civil debt and bailiffs can ultimately remove property to the value of the penalty plus costs as a means of securing that income,if all other prescribed measures fail. If the charge is paid within 14 days of issue of the Notice (PCN),a discount of 50% is accepted in full and final payment. Liability for the payment of the penalty charge rests with the owner/registered keeper, who has an opportunity to make representations against the Notice to Owner to the local authority.

    2. Peterbard


      of parking regulations.
      Decriminalised parking enforcement has resulted in the deployment of more parking attendants than there were Traffic Wardens when the police were responsible for enforcement.The deployment of increased numbers of enforcement personnel and the requirement to issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) whenever the parking attendant observes a contravention has resulted in an increase in the number of parking tickets being issued.Traffic wardens were often instructed to try to move the offender on rather than issue a ticket. However this in practice had little beneficial impact on the level of parking offences as there was no real deterrent. Local authorities have also been given powers to clamp or remove vehicles in contravention of parking regulations

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