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  1. Hi all, just a quick one reference my other note, baliff obtains walking possesion on my quarter (not by my choice) i have since moved to another quarter on the same camp would the walking order from my previous address be valid on my new address ie could he forcably enter my new address and could he take items that were listed from my new address
  2. Hi all, can anybody advise me on this.....i got a visit on my unit by a bailiff from Marston,who said that i owed child maintainance of 11,000 ( i dont dispute this) from 2004 and that it went to court in 2006,but because i was posted before that date and had no idea that it had gone to court and because i had not attended that hearing it got handed to them to collect. I knew my rights and would not let them enter my quarter but got ordered to by my OC who later appoligised when he relised we were in our rights to refuse entry to the bailiffs but then it was to late they had entered our quarter, luckyly a few of my lads from the Battalion removed our own items from the house and put army furniture in its place, so he was unable to list any items for removal, we have since moved to a differant quarter. I instructed a solicitor to try and arrange for it to go back to court so that i could repay the debt at a resonable rate as i had remarried and had 3 children in this relationship, the solicitor instructed me to pay Marstons back at 200 pounds a month untill he could get it back to court, his fees are 150 pounds a month and i was struggling to pay both the solicitor and Marston, in the end i had to tell the solicitor that it as taking to long and that i could not afford his fees, this has been ongoing since july 2009. Is there any chance i could take it back to court myself to get the amount i am paying Marston reduced as i have to pay them that amount every month, i have contacted the CSA and they told me that because it is in the hands of the bailiff no there is nothing they can do to help me. Could anybody advise me on how i can get this back to court so that i can reduce my payments.....Thanks.
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