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  1. Yes i had two accounts (same bank) and requested refund of charges for both - one of the accounts has been paid a few months before the test case started and the other account is on hold due to test case. So I would be better to get in touch with the bank and ask whether any charges have been applied during the account being on hold? Will I need to send another cheque for statements? Thanks Ida
  2. Hi all very new to this but hoping someone can give me information. I know that there is to be a decision on bank charges tomorrow, I have had my claim on hold with RBS since this all started. Can someone tell me what happens if your account is in debt and has been handed to a debt collector. I have a claim in for around £3000 of unfair charges and was initially offered £750 but refused it as it was so small an amount. Then the test case started. I also recieved an amount for another account around the same time as this - they paid the full amount requested. RBS told me that they would pay the amount into my account but if they do this then it will be swallowed up by debt which consists of mostly charges - can they do this as it seems that they will simply be getting the money that they refunded me for charges back and in the end I may still be in debt to them. Also they have a debt collector chasing me for this amount (not sure if they have sold the account to them). I no longer use RBS for banking and have been unable to access my account online to find out the amount that the account is in debt by. Also what happens if this account is no longer available for me to use - they say the only way to pay charges is in to the account. Argh I'm so confussed by it all. Should a debt collector even be chasing me if the account is in dispute/on hold?
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