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  1. Apologies for resurrecting this thread !!!! Was wondering if you use Payplan and they in turn contact your creditors and you decided not to go through with their dmp. Would this affect your debt as regard to statute barred?? Was asking as they have contacted creditors on your behalf. Is this an admission of debt??
  2. Hi I am filling out a P85 for the tax office, as they owe me an amount of tax to be refunded. On the form, it asks for my current address here in Oz. My question is, can I put my PO Box number or do I have to put my current residential address?? I ask this as I see that some of the DCA's have been signed up with the HRMC and I would not want my current residentail address to be given out/found out at any stage Thanks
  3. The problem I have now is the DCA"s constantly calling my parents home in the UK. I have a PO Box number that my ;parents havegiven them but they have not sent anything to this PO box address in months. Any advice on how I can stop the calls to my parents? thanks
  4. Cheers shadow/twofoot thanks for the advice
  5. Hi I am interested in making a couple of full & final settlements on debts that have had no payment against them for roughly 2 years The question is, if I offer a full and final settlement, will this reset the statute barred timeframe of 6 years? Any advice welcome. P.S I am living overseas permanently and have done for roughly 3 years Cheers
  6. Hi Cerberusalert I am getting the SAR prepared. As I have a cc and loan etc... with OC, can I put this on the SAR request, or do I have to do a separate SAR with each? Also DCA's have stopped responding to my PO Box, account is in dispute also as no CCA sent to me. They have started sending threatening mail to my old address back in the UK and are hassling parents with phone calls etc.. theatening CCJ's and all sorts. They know im not in the UK. Anyway to get them to stop hassling my parents?!?? Cheers
  7. Good news for the CAG Headline :-Time to crack down on the debt collecting heavy mob http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/article-1312064/Time-crack-the.html
  8. Thanks for the advice, Ill send the SAR to the OC and then see what they come back with cheers
  9. The thing is, its gone past Wescot and has been passed down a couple of notches down the DCA Chain now. I've had letters for a few others. I'm still unsure that the debt is owned by a DCA as they all say they are acting on behalf of the OC. Also the last couple of letters said that they they are acting on behalf of the DCA trying to collect before !?!?!??! I know its unenforcable, but it would be no harm done if they choose not to accept. I might try 10% and see how I go. Any pointers to an F&F template that I could use? Any other advice for this would be much appreciated. I was thinking as they know Im in Oz, this might be their chance to recoup the money they have paid for this debt so they could be up for a low offer Once I have got the F&F drafted, will it be ok to post up and check all is correct before sending ?? Thanks for all your help cerberusalert, great site Will definetly be making a donation
  10. Hi, me again Just a recap about the sitaution as I have still not received the CCA. Its gone very quiet also since I last sent the a/c in dispute letter. Im thinking of offering an F&F on this, what figure (%) should I aim at? Im in Oz as well, and DCA's are aware of this. I just want this cleared now. I also know most of the a/c debt in question is made up of charges etc... What's the sitation with the SAR request. Am I correct in saying you should do the SAR if they send you back an enforcable CCA?? Can you send the SAR independant of the CCA ?? confused thanks for your help
  11. Hi Cerberusalert Ive just had a letter threatening legal action blah blah etc... If I dont respond by a certain day from Incasso. Still no sign of the CCA from the other DCA's before. What's the next step, ignore or send the a/c in dispute letter ?!?!? Cheers
  12. Thanks cerberualert for your prompt reply, Ill get that sent off as soon as I was thinking the same about being passed from DCA to DCA. Why has the OC not sold the a/c to a DCA, rather than the DCA collecting on behalf of, any idea? This is the 2nd DCA collecting on behalf of the OC now. I have had no default notice or notice of assignment I think its called ta
  13. The saga continues...... I recently had a letter from Wescot chasing money on behalf of HBOS. I CCA'd them, then sent the letter explaining that the account was in dispute as they never came up with the CCA request. Wescot then closed the a/c and passed it back to the OC. I now have a letter from IQOR for the same amount chased by Wescot, chasing payment, usual threats, CCJ, doorstep visit etc..... Except they are saying they are collecting on behalf of another bank (Capital) who I never ever had an a/c with. What would be the next step now?? Do I need to send another letter informing them that the a/c is in dispute? I still want to do a full and final at some stage Cheers
  14. So if I do get an SD which could be the case, is it best to ignore? , judging by some other comments from others, it seems they issue them as a threat. Or is it best to set aside? I haven't cca'd them yet, which I will do today. They have passed mine on to HL Legal. Do I CCA request CrapQuest or HL Legal? Thanks
  15. Hi 3tea/Cerberusalert This is what I am concerned about. If correct I am not suprised that CrapQuest are throwing SD's around like confetti Appreciate your help in all this Cerberusalert cheers
  16. Hi, sorry to hijack the thread. Ive had a couple of letters from Capquest issuing all sorts of threats. Can they serve an SD on you if you live abroad?? They only have my PO Box address overseas which I gave to OC a while ago thanks in advance
  17. Hi all Ive just had a letter from Wetcloths saying that they have closed my account and returned it the OC. I put a CCA request in a few weeks ago and they returned the Postal Order and said I had to contact the OC. I reminded the of their duty to get the CCA for me or ask the creditor and then I put the account in dispute as it had passed the timescale Was wondering what my next move should be? Should I CCA the OC ? I am currently living abroad and have given my creditors/DCA's my PO Box number which I know that the OC is not keen about. Thanks
  18. Hi Wondering if anyone can help. I have a debt of around 20k + with Halifax and wescot are collecting on behalf of Halifax. I want to offer a full & final as I am living abroad permanently and Halifax/Wescot know this. I was reading a few other articles and noticed that Halifax never accept full and final offers. What are the chances of Halifax selling the debt onto a DCA, rather than asking a DCA to act on behalf of? I've CCA'd them and had nothing back so a/c is in dispute at the mo. Ive got a feeling that the amount is made up of bank charges etc...or they have tied in my overdraft which was o/s as well.. so I am happy to offer a percentage. The debt has been outstanding for a about a year. Is it worth offering Halifax a settlement figure or am I wasting my time?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ?? Cheers
  19. Ive just had a couple of letters from Capquest I noticed in small print at the bottom of each letter Please note shuld legal action be instigated against you and you do not reside in the jurisdiction governed by her Majesty's Courts of Justice of England and Wales then you will be subject to the due litigation process applicable under the jurisdiction of your residence Is this just another threat,as they know I live abroad? Was wondering if the above is standard for CapQuest letters? thanks pfjc1000
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