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  1. Another thing, if I summon him to the courts to disclose his details so I can do a attachment of earnings, can I add those costs and the costs of the 4rd party possession to the total of monies he now owes me already? - Deposit - Courts fees - Order to obtain information - Attachment of earnings Because the first 2 are already on the CCJ but the last two aren't, which cost about 150 pounds for the both of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I've called some solicitors who said they wouldn't help me under the legal aid scheme because the amount is too low (les
  2. Yes, I've seen that, just wondering which is the fastest way, some stuff in the sticky is also outdated, fees for example. I guess I have to go for a 3rd party debt order and get it from his wages, after doing an order to attend to get the information needed. The costs of both those order will be added to the ex-ll's bill I assume?
  3. So the courts have decided in my favour, but now I need to enforce the judgement, and choose an option to get my money back. Mind you my ex-ll is one cheeky guy, he will not let any bailiff in to his house, which means that even if I pay the bailiff fee, and they fail, I will not get my money back and lose the bailiff fee as well? This seems rather ridiculous. I win the court case, but to get my money back the ex-ll has to willingly let a bailiff in to his house in order to siege goods to sell and get my money back. My questions, how can I be sure I will get my money back if he isn't
  4. A big bump and an update. I have proceeded to go to court and the ex-ll has ignored all letters from the court and I have filled for a default sentence which has now been passed. He has to pay within 1 month if not the courts will start collecting the monies owed to me. My current question, how long will this take, he is clearly not interested in defending himself, he ignores everything, I have verified with neighbours he still lives there and with the land registry too, he still owns the house too. How much longer can he delay paying me back my money? I'm getting really tired of thi
  5. Several things, and I hope some regulars will correct me where/if I'm wrong. Write to your landlord/la and tell him to pay you back the deposit. Tell them they have failed to protect your deposit in time (they should've issued you with proof of protection within 2-4 weeks after you moved in), also tell them that if they don't pay it back you will take them to court, where they are most likely to pay your deposit + 3x the deposit fine. Just because the protected it too late doesn't mean they didn't break the law in the first place. If they don't respond you can use the LBA template fo
  6. Don't assume the landlord will automatically chase for the money if he would know the situation, a friendly letter to him explaining the situation and an appeal to him to solve this in a way all parties can live with would be much better. Maybe he is understanding and won't chase up someone with a disability for so much money. Also I'm not sure if he would interested in chasing for it if all he will get is 4 pound a week/month of his benefits. Weekly 52 x 4 = 216 = about 19 years Monthly 12 x 4 = 48 = about 83 years It will take a long time before he can recover his money, I
  7. Thank you! PM has been replied. I will amend my correspondence with ex-landlord soon and post it here in the thread if needed by other members.
  8. Tomorrow I will write to some solicitors to see if they are willing and able to take my case on. I also wonder how the courts will view the fact he has not responded to any of my letters until I sent the LBA, and now claims I did not respond to his letter. Isn't this a little too late on his side? I also find it peculiar that he claims I owe him more than the deposit. I really hope a solicitor can take on my case as the court procedures seem daunting and I have a lot of evidence but don't know what to submit. I still have not received anything back from him, he did not specify a
  9. I'm sure he has now received all letters as he replied to an e-mail to which I had attached all letters sent in PDF. I've did the initial assement for Legal Aid, it seems I'm eligible for it, does this mean I can make an appointment with any of solicitors in their programme? Since the ex-landlord is saying his solicitors are preparing paperwork regarding extra costs he incurred I may need some professional advice on the case, though I think he is trying to bluff his way out and fabricating costs. The rent was all inclusive, and the inventory was not checked when I left, he was too busy for it,
  10. I would think the two leaving could claim half the deposit from the two who stay behind as the leaving two are no longer on the contract they should get their part of deposit back. If the parties can't talk anymore I'd sugest they send a letter to the two who stay behind and ask for the half to be returned within 14 days, if they don't they can always try going to the small claims court. I would also advise to go and have a chat at the local CAB office and check if they are eligible for Legal Aid. If not then they can try to get legal advise from the Pro Bono solicitors at LawWorks.
  11. I have no idea, but all letters sent I've sent both via recorded delivery and normal 1st class with proof of posting. The letter he claims to have sent me never arrived here, so I doubt he sent it by recorded delivery, in which case he would've gotten it back and could chase up, or by normal mail. I doubt he sent anything at all and is making things up to try and scare/bully me out of going to small claims court.
  12. Yes, he claims he sent me a letter after his threatening text message, which must be somewhere in August. I did not receive anything, and I would say that if he thinks I owed him money he would chase up on that, but he did not. Then in November when I started sending my letters asking to be paid back and stating I did not hear from him since the text message I received nothing. Now 2 months later when I've sent the LBA he suddenly responds with these claims. I'm curious to what costs he will come with as the rent was inclusive of all bills and the inventory only has a few things on there. I as
  13. Just a bump to say the ex-LL replied to the LBA with some vague counter claims. He says he sent a letter a while ago (did not mention a date) and I've failed to respond. I have never gotten any letter, also I mentioned in every single letter I've sent that I have not heard from him. So why didn't he reply to that and resend his letter? He claims I owe him money now, how much he doesn't say. I have to wait for his letter. In the meanwhile I will just proceed to the Courts if I don't get my money back within 14 days of my LBA. I don't fancy playing any games with him. My current questions
  14. Whatever anyone has done or will do to you is never a justification to commit suicide. Take a few steps back, which is hard, but you have to for your children sake and your own. The advise given here is good, keep a diary, and when you lodge reports to the police ask for a copy and/or confirmation of it. Keep a dairy of all she claims you done and try to be around other people who could vouch for you in case she makes another false allegation. They can be witnesses to your innocence. You need to have a long breathe but she will eventually lose this, as it gets more and more evident she is
  15. Not sure if I post this in the right category, but here goes. I bought some goods on-line which turned out to be faulty, and the company arranged for them to be picked up from my house by City-Link. City-Link was supposed to come between 9am and 5pm. So I took the day off. Guess what? They did not show up. Now I have to reschedule and take another day off. Can I claim any compensation for this lost day sitting at home? And if so, who do I claim it from; City-Link or the company who arranged the pick-up? And how much can I claim? Thanks a bunch.
  16. But he can still give you notice isn't it? I found this site very informative. It has a nice summary of landlord/tenants laws for each country.
  17. It's s shame Britain is one of the few countries where tenants have so few rights, and even the little rights you have, once you enforce them the landlord can simply give you notice. In most other countries in Europe, once a let has been agreed, the landlord can not give you notice unless there are legal reasons.
  18. Apart from letting him know you don't appreciate anyone coming in to your house unannounced and that may be against the law, I can't think anything you can do against it. Though I don't if you want to say the last bit about breaking the law, as they may take offence to you telling them the rules. The landlord’s rights of entry Your landlord has a right to reasonable access to carry out repairs. What ‘reasonable access’ means depends on why your landlord needs to get access. For example, in an emergency, your landlord is entitled to immediate access to carry out any necessary work.
  19. The landlord/agent/etc has to give you at least 24 hours notice to enter. I think they don't have to do that if it's an emergency. This does not sound like one.
  20. Can anyone shine some light on what kind of amount I should file for if it comes to that, keep in mind I was just a lodger. Should I only file for the monies owed or do I add additional monies, or do I let the courts decide?
  21. He gave me notice, there were no unpaid bills as they were inclusive of the rent. The room was left in a better state than when I moved in. I took photos of everything when I moved out as his behaviour started to get weirder and weirder as time passed living there. When I moved in everything was sunny and no problems whatsoever. I prefer not to give too many details, but I lived there no longer than 6 months. The deposit is about 450 pounds. Of which I have receipts, all rent was either paid in cash with receipt or paid via bank transfer. The property is his main residence
  22. I did exactly that, I've emailed him a nice little letter stating I've tried to send 2 letters via recorded delivery, none of which has been collected. I've attached those 2 letters to the email in PDF. As expected no reply to the email after 3 days. He is active online (he does things on his facebook for example), so he must have received it. It was send from the same email host so it is very unlikely that it ended up in the spam/junk mail folder. I will now send a copy of the first registered letter by normal mail and ask for a proof of postage at the post office, and will send the sam
  23. Thanks again, I can hand deliver the letter if needed and video it, but I prefer not to talk to him, as I want everything either in writing or per email so there can be no disputes of who said what. I will wait and see what others here have to say on this matter, but thanks a lot for the help!
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