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  1. Hello, I'd be really grateful for some advice - I got a PCN down the road from my home recently for stopping in a bay where there was restricted parking. Most of the local roads are restricted from 8am, so at 7.20am I turned a corner and pulled over, went down to the sign (as you can't see it as you turn the corner), realised it was restricted from 7am and moved - I can't have been more than 60 seconds, but got caught on camera! I presume making that plea will get me nowhere with the local council, so I'd appreciate advice from anyone who can help me make a more technical appeal!
  2. Hi, The car is mine. The offence was for the 24th August sent to me on 9th November.
  3. Hello, Would be grateful for some help on this. I have received a PCN for alleged contravention 32JP - failing to drive in the direction shown by the arrow on a blue sign (PCN attached) on Riversdale Road in Islington. From the photographs it is clear this did happen. My dispute is that having just turned into the road the junction is rather confusing - although there is the blue arrow, there is no hatching in the box as in other junctions of this nature, the lines on the road are very faded and the double yellow lines on the left create an optical illusion that make it look too narrow to
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