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  1. Oh I don’t know what to do now as conflicting information
  2. Ok thanks. I can’t do anything until the weekend anyway as Im not at home. I could attach the tomlin order they have asked to sign. can I still agree a tomlin order/mediation after they apply to the court to lift the stay if They have already offered one?
  3. If the apply to lift the stay though with a Summary Judgement don’t I automatically get a CCJ?
  4. Sorry what’s SJ? i am not paying at the moment. i haven’t paid anything since 2013 to British credit trust. I’ve never paid anything to Cabot. They just issued a court claim 2 years ago which I defended due to no paperwork, they have now sent the paper work as attached earlier and are saying they are going to apply to lift the claim. i really don’t want to risk a ccj as want to apply for a mortgage within the next 18 months. What evidence would I have for a defence again now they have provided the paperwork? sorry for all the questions
  5. So what do I do? Risk letting them apply for the stay to be lifted and summary judgement or agree to paying them via tomlin order? Thanks
  6. I don’t have a copy of the tomlin order - it is at home and I’m away for a few days at the moment. It’s one that MC have written up to send to the court to sign off or something. I haven’t sent it back yet.
  7. 2C5C9B0F-B74E-4A5B-AA95-1DAA7CBC9147_merged-1.pdf Hopefully that is ok?
  8. It won’t let me upload the documents are they exceed 4.88 MB and I’m not very good at technical stuff
  9. Hello: just looking for some advice. i received a court claim off Cabot a couple of years ago (just over 2 years) for an old HP agreement. The claim was received a couple of months before the debt became statue barred. i filed a defence for the claim as they couldn’t provide me with the requested documents. The claim was stayed. I have now received letter off MC solicitors (as they provided copies of agreements now 2 years later) with a tomlin order asking me to pay by instalments or they will apply to have the stay lifted and summary judgement. D
  10. also how do i dispute the default date ?
  11. many thanks also what do i achieve by getting these can i not just go to lowells and explain that i was in a dmp and that barclaycard was defaulted in 2004 when i entered the plan and asked them to remove from credit file? i can then deal with barclaycard?
  12. thanks for your replies where can i get the template letters from for a CCA and a SAR? many thanks
  13. hi was wondering if anyone could help i had a debt management programme back in 2004 - which included my barclaycard account. this plan ended in 2009 i have recently received letters off lowells demanding payment for the balnce of £563 on a barclaycard. i have just checked my credit file and there is a barclaycard on there which i opened in 2000. It has a default date of 2010?? yet i went on the plan in 2004. it says it was sold to lowells and now they are chasing me for it (which is also on my credit file) - but there is no way i defaulted in 2010 as the plan end
  14. hello there sorry in advance if this sounds long winded. I have a car on HP with British Credit Trust The agreement was taken out in Jan 2007 over 5 years Last Aug time i found myself drowning with debt, so i contacted and made arrangements with all of my creditors. I had an arrangement put in place with BCT reducing my repayments from £173 to £50 for a period of 12 months, starting oct last year. I had a DEFAULT notice off them in AUG last yr saying i had paid £6737 of the agreement to date. (Total agreement is approx £10,040 - which means me owing £3,300ish) I have p
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