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  1. Your thread over 7p reminds me of my sisters way she dealt with the matter. Halifax had caused her account to go 7p overdrawn which ofcourse had the repercussion of dd's etc attracting fees. She marches into the halifax branch and stands and shouts out what a load of tossers halifax have been, refusing to move until the manager comes out, sure enough eventually after her telling other people not to deal with halifax the manager came out, ushered her into a side office and sorted the issue. Success.
  2. mills1

    Cahoot Flexi Loan

    King, and others, I went through the CEO route, I had been making nominal payments each month because I felt that they were increasing apr for the sake of it, I was paying the full minimal payment, had not missed any payments, when I contacted them to complain they told me they did not have to explain why they were increasing my interest rate. It seemed that not long after I took money out I would get a hike. So that is when I started the minimal payment. They were sending me statements for some considerable time acknowledging the minimal payment I was paying and interestingly the interest rate was at 0% Then out of nowhere came a letter demanding immediate payment of the arrears. I had at no point had a letter from them saying i was not paying enough. This is more or less the point at which I contacted ceo. I dont want to disclose too much here because of the obvious. Bottom line of their response to my complaint is that they feel they did nothing wrong, that at some point I could have applied for a different account with abbey, they pointed again to the loan being variable, but then suddenly nearing the end of their reply they in a round about way say "however, we have decided to close the account and will take the steps required " Just seems odd that they are saying they were in the right but are not holding their ground, but there you go. Best of luck all.
  3. mills1

    Cahoot Flexi Loan

    Mine has been finally sorted, enough to say the account is closed. Quite happy with the outcome.
  4. mills1

    Cahoot Flexi Loan

    Mine is still in dispute with them, although the interest rate has interestingly ( no pun intended ) been reduced to zilch percent.
  5. Would be interested in any reply given, somebody I know is awaiting a date for the tribunal but has received and been told it has to be filled in and returned another esa50.
  6. Anyone able to advise? the person in question has today been told by dwp that they still need to fill in and send off the health questionaire even though they are awaiting a date for the tribunal in relation to the last time they were deemed fit for work following an interview with atos. The person in question has bipolar, any advice anyone ? Cheers.
  7. What is the advice for someone who was informed by the dwp that their case was going before a tribunal but has received no appointment for said tribunal but has recently been sent another questionaire from atos to complete ? Any advice appreciated.
  8. mills1

    Cahoot Flexi Loan

    Great news Shaneo, looks like the way forward.
  9. They "Bought" the debt, in my opinion they have paid off the debt, barclays are a third party and as such have no rights of recourse with myself, they "bought" "paid off " an account in serious dispute.
  10. My reply to barclays in regard any attempt to get money out of me for a debt that egg sent a dodgy default notice would be thankyou for paying off the alleged debt but under the bills of exchange act 1882 I do not owe you a penny, if you care to proceed with this I consider it to be on very dodgy ground and await your response. They have basically paid off a disputed debt thats their look out.
  11. mills1

    Cahoot Flexi Loan

    Good Luck it looks optimistic but let's see what materialises ;-)
  12. mills1

    Cahoot Flexi Loan

    Hook line and sinker then shaneo.
  13. Patfla, interesting post, I have not contacted them yet, but ive noticed over the past months statements that interest rate is 0 %
  14. mills1

    Cahoot Flexi Loan

    I am still paying £1 per month to santander as I had previously before it was taken over. When Santander initially took over I had a letter from a place in sheffield requesting that I contact them to arrange repayment. I sent them a reply stating that I consider the account in dispute, due to the hike in interest rates. I heard nothing back. Interestingly, the statements I receive quote the interest rate at 0 % The £1 monthly payments are being credited to the account, but I have heard no more.
  15. mills1

    Egg Default Charges

    I think what matters is what a court decides, if Egg, or any company, levy a charge of say £16 for late payments etc and the customer disagrees with it the customer complains. Where the situation arrives at where a dispute arises the company has two choices, either accept that their charges are unfair and refund, or default if they feel they have done nothing wrong. The customer can then either, provided the default notice is above board, remedy the breach or wait for their day in court. Letter tennis does very little when trying to get to the bottom of it, once a person makes up their mind that they are right they wait for the summons to appear and present their evidence to the court. As the OFT then say, only a court can decide.
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