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  1. Good idea about my admin fee. I will advise them of this and see what they say. Thanks
  2. Hi I received a letter last month from Advantis credit demanding settlement of a bill from an address I left in 2007. The bill is for a specific period in 2012. I contacted Advantis and told them I left the address in 2007 to which they asked me to provide evidence of residency for the period in question. I was not happy with this, and said it was for them to provide evidence I owed the debt. I have received a response saying 'Upon completing a full investigation into the concerns raised in your email, whilst we appreciate your frustrations, please be advised that we are required to act on the information which has been provided to us by our client on the basis that the details that we have been provided with are up to date and correct'. They have gone on to say ' As you have requested proof of the balance owed from our offices, we can confirm that we have raised a query with our client on your behalf in order to obtain a copy of the bill for the account. In the meantime, although we appreciate that you may not wish to provide our offices with proof of your residency to show where you were resident during the billing period in question, please be advised that upon receipt of such supporting documentation, Advantis will be able to assist you further in resolving this matter with our client.' In all honesty I don't have any documents for the specific period in question from 2012,all I have is council tax bills and tenancy agreements covering a 7 year period but should I wait and see what(if anything) they send me? How should I respond? Thanks for any advice.
  3. Good afternoon I have had a dispute with a child care provider for some time over fees and the care of my child and how they dealt with concerns I raised. I provided proof of standing order payments from my bank and although they acknowledged discrepancies in payments did not want to move the dispute forward. I had also pulled my child out of one session per week which they claimed to have no record off even though I overpaid £204, as a 'gesture of goodwill' they amended their records by 3 months. I told them to check the signing in sheets and had no response to this either. In December following on from another incident I pulled my child out with immediate affect. The owner called me and left an irate voicemail, she then proceeded to ring my ex husband (as next of kin on records) and give out information regarding the alleged arrears which quite frankly, is none of his business and which I feel breaching my confidentiality. Yesterday I received a letter from the owner asking for £1200 and that I have 7 days to pay before they commence legal proceedings. It was sent recorded delivery but was not signed as just stuck through the letterbox. if this goes to small claims will I get a CCJ? , I owe the 1 months termination fee which I can pay but as for the rest, there is no way. I wasn't sure as this isn't a creditor debt whether the same procedure and outcome would happen. I have not replied to her letter as I feel its pointless to argue over the same things we have disputed since 2012 !!!
  4. Dear All, Had a letter last week from Compliance team asking for contract of childcare and proof of payments for childcare. I have never in all the time I have been getting tax credits been askied for proof. My only other dealings with this team was in 2007 when my claim was hi-jacked through fraud, so i am guessing they are investigating me for fraud this time around. I have 2 children, my youngest is in registered child care during term time, and during the holidays I also have to pay for a 2 nd child care provider. Tax credits have always averaged out my payments over the year, so I got £135pw for April 10-April 11. On average I pay £50pw term time, plus £88pw during the holidays. I dont have a current contract for main child care provider, but have a standing order so have proof of payments through my bank. The only issue I have at the moment is the holiday provider never gives me receipts,so I have asked her to write a letter on headed paper detailing information. Bit worried though that this wont be forthcoming as i am pretty sure they should be giving me a receipt or invoice for payments made. All I have are emails. I havent had any contact with TC for over a year, when I checked my award letter it does say 2 children in child care, but I read it as 2 child care providers. Due to the previous shambles of fraud, i aways updated via letter,as they gave me a suppossed password for the contact centre, which they never asked me for, so felt it was better for me to deal with them that way. i have all my award letters dated from 2007,including those they sent follwing my updates. But obviously Im not stupid, they clearly believe i am de-frauding them in some way, so I am worried-its certainly lingering there in my mind all day long. I also did have a period of around 5 months when my child care reduced temporaily due to the club giving me the wrong info for the standing order,but I am now paying extra per month for that. I am guessing there will be an overpayment for that time period. I should obviously have told them, but never thought they would check, having never done so in the past. Its just me and my 2 girls. My dad lives in Cyprus, my brother lived about 250 miles away, and my mum died many years ago so I have no support whatsoever. My eldest has just been diagnosed with bullima, ADHD and ODD, so I have this added worry of TC enquiries hanging over my head. any advice would be grateful, I will obviously be 100% honest with the compliance team.
  5. bit of a long story so will try and keep it brief. around a month ago my 13 year olds friend let her borrow her iphone as she had a new phone on contract. i expressed concerns due to the fact it was £350 on pay as you go, and my daughter simply isnt responsible enough. however both were adamant it was ok. stupidly maybe i should of put my foot down but didnt. a few weeks ago my daughter gave her friend back the phone, but she didnt want it back and said she could buy it from her for £100. i told my daughter no. it went back and forth between the two. the other night i got a call from the friends parents to say the phone had been lost and they wanted £350 from me. apparently they were all out and the phone was left on the bus. of course neither girls said anything at the time and i knew nothing about it. from a personal view i feel they shouldnt have brought their daughter an iphone, plus they are also saying they have no insurance, as that was the first thing i asked. i am not prepared to fork out this kind of money and both girls are equally to blame. of course they are blaming each other. her parents are trying to say their daughter was being a good kind friend-well she didnt care one bit about the iphone and i dont feel i should be penalised. morally i could agree to pay half, but have no proof phone was in my childs possession.financially i would rather not. but from alegal standpoint what is the position? thanks
  6. HC wont comply with the CPR request. well, they didnt with me. they will likely send a standard reply stating as the claim is less than £5k they arent obliged to unless instructed by the court. although its great you are supporting your wife she needs to be clear in her mind all facts if she is to defend herself in court, as it will be her that needs to do it,not you. my hearing is the 18th may.
  7. well ive not heard anything from them since that call,and when you ring it still doesnt tell you who they are! all my debts are sorted so i am going to leave it:razz:
  8. I cant believe that! The woman acted like she knew nothing about my file. Grrrr, i hate having this hanging over my head. why do we have to fight this sort of stuff?
  9. sorry, that should read 01274 853896. still cant trace the full number!
  10. having been the victime of ID theft I know how you feel, and how frustrating it is. Its a lot easier to steal someone's ID then i ever realised,and my credit file is still ruined 18 months on. i think you will need to get some legal help with this.
  11. I am getting loads of missed calls from a company which i am assuming is to do with a debt. I have had 2 curt voicemail messages demanding i ring them,with no indication of who they work for. when i have rung after work the office is closed,and they still dont disclose who they are. Ive tried searching the net for the number,which is based in bradford. does anyone know who they are? 0127485389 Its really stressing me out! got one court case pending,another company chasing me for an unknown debt, and now this!
  12. in the same boat. they refused my CPR request. In the space of one month i got 3 seperate letters regarding this debt-one from GE Money,one from Viking Collections,one from Santander and then court papers from h Cohen. my hearing is the 18th may 2010.
  13. just updating you all. got a court date for the 18th may. have sent in my statement and copies of all documents. also got a mediation questionaire as well. not happy that about £200 in court costs seems to have been added to this debt.
  14. well, now got another company chasing me for this £55-Hamptons legal. Threatening me with a CCJ and baliffs. never received any response to my request for evidence. Rang Hamptons and they checked file and have put on hold, saying they will be contacting the mobile company to get the evidence. not being funny,but this has been going on for 7 months! I think its high time I just contacted the office of Fair trading. Plus they have put a default on my credit file for this debt so I am fuming. how can these companies get away with this sort of thing?? DC
  15. Not heard anything from the court yet. How long does it normally take on average?
  16. thanks a lot, will update as soon as I have one Also found out that this company buy very old debts and that SAFE(struggle against financial exploitation) are investigating. It appears its highly unlikely this will go any further as they wont have any evidence to provide!
  17. I did not request a SDAR. Should I do that or am I a bit late. ?
  18. In Nov last year I got a letter from the above stating I still owed a very small amount of cash to a mobile phone company-an account about 4 years old. as I know nothing about it I took some advice and asked for the orgianl copy of the contract showing my signature, statements and letters sent to me regarding the debt from the mobile company. They wrote back and said case would be on hold as evidence requested from the mobile company. Well,we are nearly in feb 2010 and every couple of weeks they write and say they are still waiting for docs. My view is they have had plenty of time to provide what i have asked for,but where do i stand from a legal point of view? I dont believe they can provide these docs, and I want it done and dusted. I would have thought 28 days would have been more than enough time for them to get the paperwork together that i have asked for. What do you reckon?? Thanks
  19. defence submitted, will now wait and see what happens from here
  20. In my defence form can I not just ask for the case to be set aside,given that my request for docs have been completely ignored? Has to be in by Tuesday. I dont mind mediation, but I still dont want to admit the claim without the docs I requested.
  21. Well, I have had some defence forms sent to me by my local court. Was going to complete and send back, stating I dont want mediation. Does this mean Cohen want it to go to court? I have had no responce to my CPR request and no further contact made by them direct either way:mad: Guess this means I will get a court date and have to face them direct.
  22. hi, yes, i received an acknowledgement. it just says the claimant may contact me to resolve the dispute direct,or he will inform the court direct if he wishes to proceed. the court has to be contacted within the next 28 days,otherwise the claim will be stayed. This letter was dated 2.12.09. I am guessing this is a standard letter the court sends out.At the moment I am off sick with an abcess in my back and I am house bound so either way I wont be bullied by anyone as,quite simply,I am too ill to take any more stress. Hope you all have a good christmas. I will keep in touch with any updates.
  23. I'm sorry if i gave the impression I expected others to aid me without taking responsibilty for it myself. i have tweaked my defence and it has been submitted. Thank you for all your help
  24. Is anyone able to put up a link for a HC embarrassed defence template? I have to have my defence in by the 3.12.09. I have trawled through quite a few threads,and cant find anyhting specific to HC. I feel confident I can win this,going by other peoples experiences. I am so glad I found this site.If you can help I would be very grateful E x
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