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  1. Thank you, I have just contacted Admiral and told them that I will not be accepting the settlement. They were perfectly OK and said that they have now cancelled the cheque. I have informed them that until I have been fully assessed by the physiotherapy team etc I have no intention of settling a personal injury claim with them. Thank you to everyone that replied, I can now breathe a big sigh of relief.
  2. It wasn't actually my insurance company that gave admiral my phone number, the lady that hit me took my husbands mobile number and gave it to Admiral.
  3. I did realise that admiral were not on my side but at the point of speaking to them I only had slight pain in my back, as for my insurance company when Admiral rang me, I told them to ring me back and during that time I contacted my insurers and explained that admiral rang me and what they were offering. I asked what they would advise me to do and her exact words were... Admiral are a reputable company so it would be fine to accept!
  4. Hi, I was involved in a car accident 2 days ago, I was stationary at a roundabout and someone rear ended me, upon impact I had pain in my lower right back but I didn't think much of it, no police or paramedics attended and the car was ok to drive home. When I got home and got out of the car the pain in my back intensified so I made an appt with my GP the same day, they said the accident had irritated a nerve and prescribed me pain relief and Naproxen. I contacted tesco(my insurance company) and informed them of what had happened and due to the age of my car they said it would nee
  5. Thanku very much, that advice could be of great use to me... i was looking through the homeless act 2002 last night and saw the following statements.... 28. Section 7(4) inserts new subsections before section 193(8) of the 1996 Act. These provide that where accommodation is made available to an applicant by a private landlord as a result of an arrangement between the housing authority and the landlord, the authority's homelessness duty under section 193 can be brought to an end if the applicant accepts an offer of an assured shorthold tenancy. The provisions make clear that an applicant
  6. thanku for ur advice, i have tried contacting shelter, its constantly saying all their advisors are busy but i think what u quoted at the top of ur msg will be a lot of help, as when i applied to the housing association they did say that i fell into that category..i am also band 2(1 of the highest banding here)and i do know that there are a lot of properties in the area i requested that are available, the housing association operate a choice based letting scheme here. As i stated at the beginning of my thread they have told me that i have to attend a meeting with them at 10am monday morning
  7. I dont know if i am in the right place or if any1 can help me but im looking for some advice in regards to my local housing association..... I am currently in emergency accomodation and have been accepted by the council as homeless, they have contacted me today and told em that they have found what they deem to be suitable accomodation for myself and my children, i have 4 children under the age of 7 and am currently 21wks pregnant and am classed as high risk as i also have problems with my lungs(i am waiting for a major operation at papworth hospital) the property that they have identified as
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