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  1. Hi Hannah & Bless Such Good News, well done and enjoy the result The Enforcer
  2. I got a few things wrong with this procedure, mainly because, like you, I don't do detail well, I sent the second letter twice and sent the court order to the local branch and not to head office as advised later! despite all these errors I got £3k back for my son after sending the bailiffs in. Sooo satisfying.Check the checklist and don't give up, they pay out eventually Good luck
  3. From the Enforcer Well done This is such a great feeling. They settled my son's claim too. There are a lot of nice RED winning comments in the entries now.
  4. Thanks for the responses and to whoever changed the title to WON. I tried and it didn't work. The bailiffs told us that there would be a two week wait for them to go in, so when we rang to find out the date time etc, they'd already done it. I was going to inform the local press but they were too efficient. It would have been such a great story. Thanks again to Dave and the team, you are excellent!
  5. THEY PAID - NO MESSING! Can't beleive it until the cheque (£3k+) arrives but have been told by the court that it will be with us next week. Bailiffs went in to NatWest - Local Branch - and retrieved my sons money. Your donation will be with you shortly, can't thank you enough for your hard work and constant support with this process. I am not good at detail and hopeless at forms, didn't put the Head Office address on and still got the cash. Don't sweat the small stuff fellow forum users, just keep at it. This system works
  6. Excellent , That is reassuring. We have had only one response from Natwest to any correspondence inc small claims order. I am hoping that 'my cheque is in the post'!
  7. Thanks cornflake, I am still not au fait with the lingo. Completely different language to me. Natwest owes my son £3063.95 that includes interest since date of claim (and small calims fee of £120) and not including enforcement fee of £55. The charges are over 4 years. And they are still deducting money as we speak. Small claims court are telling him that all charges will be refunded. Parachute account in place, once I know where and when I'll post the info and contact the press re bailiffs in Natwest.
  8. Ok Guys, here we go. Enforcement warrant requested today cost £55 Made the first claim via Small Claims court on 24/4/06 Judgement on 1/6/06 so now it's bailiffs. Do they just think we won't do it and take it to the end? Spoke to the Small Claims helpline who advised me that "bailiffs probably wouldn't be appropriate for a bank!!!! and that there are different types of enforcement, (news to me)The court might summons a director and get him to explain to the court why he hadn't paid up" (responded even). Anyway I've processed the warrant bit, they can do what they like now
  9. Thanks for the comments. Can they still apply for the judgement to be setaside after the 7 days has lapsed? I thought that was the final decision from the court that Nat West had defaulted -not responded-and had to pay. When my son rang them the legal team was unavailable (bit busy maybe?) and the customer relations guy's response to the next step of enforcement was 'Do what you've got to do'. I will process the enforcement but read other threads first to get more info.
  10. This procedure has been relatively straightforward compared to other threads on this site.(I'm processing this on behalf of my son who has been and is still being robbed by nat West) Even at this late stage they are taking charges off him. I set the ball rolling on 31 March after receiving statements and calculating what was owed by NW 1st letter - no response. 2nd letter (recorded delivery) - letter back saying 'your statements will be with you shortly and we note the comments about your charges'. Small claims after the required time frame - NO response So Judgement time -Pay up
  11. I am negotiating this on behalf of my son. Free statements delivered in 5 days.The deadline for response to court order is this week. No response to initial letter until I sent a copy recorded. They have taken almost 3k in 4 years and I would be delighted to get it back for him. Good luck with yours and many thanks (whatever the outcome) to Dave & Co for the hours they must have put in to this. Quietly confident
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