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  1. Thanks It did take a long time but i have finally got a date for court, It is on 7th november 2006
  2. Just a quick question, I sent my allocation questionnaire back to my local court on 7th august. was not due till the 16th august but so far have not heard anything about a court date yet does anyone know how long it takes for the court to write back with a court date?
  3. Arrived home from work yesterday to find a cheque for the full amount on my doorstep. Thank you dave for setting this forum up. Without this site i would not have had the courage to take them on. As soon as cheque is cleared will be making my donation - with pleasure
  4. Had my letter from DG solicitors offering me half on 5th July. I wrote back saying would accept as part payment and would still be going through small calims for the rest. Then had letter from them agin on 7th july offering me full amount. so hang in there not long now.
  5. Just a quick update first direct acknowledged my claim on 4th july. On 5th july had letter from DG solicitors offering me half - you can guess what my reply was!! 2 days later received letter offering me full amount!!! signed and sent letter back then received letter saying thank you for sending back letter and funds would be in my account in a few days - am still waiting nearly there!!
  6. Money claim have refunded me the 120.00 for the 1st claim which i withdrew due my own error. I have re-submitted another one and according to the moneyclaim site it has been issued but i have not heard anyhting yet
  7. I have received An Acknowledgemet of service from the court regarding Barclays today signed by Keith Jeremiah dated 28th June 2006 They intend to defend all of the claim
  8. I spoke with moneyclaim today they were really helpful. They told me to send them an e-mail to withdraw my claim before 9am and then re-submit a new one. they told me i would be refunded for the first one as it had not been served. So have re-submitted another one this time putting todays date on it.
  9. I have now filed my claim via moneyclaim. But i think i may have made an error with the statement regarding the 8%. I have worded it as has been shown but i have put the interest from 16/06/2000 to jan 2005. (which was when i closed my account) Instead of today's date! Will this mean that the interest will only be added up until Jan 2005 or does it add up anyway until the court date?
  10. Thanks for that i have now submitted my claim via Moneyclaim fingers crossed!
  11. Please I need help filling out the N1 Claim form. I had started on the moneyclaim site but my computer crashed just after i had registered my name. I had already printed out an N1 claim form so i will try again tomorrow but there are few things i am a bit confused about, i have had a look around the forum but i cant find the answers and dont want to get it wrong. 1. BRIEF DETAILS OF CLAIM - what do i put in here? 2. VALUE - Is this the same value as the 'amount claimed at the bottom of the form? 3. Do i have to send the court a copy of my schedule at this stage? or do i wait until t
  12. I have now worked out charges plus the 8 per cent. i am about to submit my claim via moneyclaim but i have noticed in the statement you have to give the date the account was opened. I telephoned barclays yesterday but they have told me as it was longer than 6 years ago when i opened it (i think it was in 1989) they state they are unable to give me the date i opened the account. Can I either miss that bit out or estimate the date?
  13. Thanks both for your advice, looking at my shifts i wont be able to file the claim until friday 23rd, i think thats close enough, unfortunately after my divorce i was only able to afford a computer with the memory capability of a gnat!, so i havn't got enough memory to download the spreadsheet and havn't got excel ! I will hopefully be able to use sisters computer, will update when case has been filed,
  14. That was the last paragraph in their standard letter. I have noticed from other users that this is where Barclays have normally offered some sort of payment, but in my case they are not offering a penny and have even reduced my claim by 20.00. i have added it up again and my claim is £500.00! not the 480.00 as they have stated. i hope this makes it clearer!
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