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  1. Another update for anyone in a similar situation- we won our court case! Neither of the defendants showed up to the hearing and the judge found in our favour. He also gave us full costs and interest (£3500 in total). He commented that he found the defendants conduct truly appalling and wanted to make sure we were awarded everything he could give us. We were thrilled. Unfortuantely, we have since found that the LL has had the judgement set aside and a new court date has been set for Oct. Apparently, he had contacted the court prior to the last hearing and asked for ANOTHER adjournment but the m
  2. The judge was very good- he offered this before we even had a chance to ask.
  3. Just a quick update for anyone who is interested: today we had our court hearing and it was adjourned. Both parties had been served with a court order to submit any documents on which they intended to rely in court 14 days before the hearing. The defence submitted nothing. We asked for a strike out on this basis but it was not granted. Then today, the landlord turned up in court with NO DOCUMENTS AT ALL claiming that his letting agent (who is his co-defendant) had all the documents with her. It turns out that she had phoned the court that morning to say that she was unable to attend the hearin
  4. Just a quick update on our case: the court sent us a letter saying that the defence's claim did not comply with the Civil Procedure rules section 16.5 and would be struck out if they did not file another within 7 days. We had hoped that this would happen and we would get a judgement by default. Unfortunately for us, they did file again. Basically, they are using the same defense (that we paid 2 months rent in advance rather than a deposit) and the same 'evidence'. They have also filed a counter claim for £630, claiming we left the property in a state of disrepair and were terrible tenants. I d
  5. Thanks, everyone. That's pretty much what we thought but it's always nice to have other people's imput. I'll keep you updated with how we go on. I'm sure I'll end up asking for more help before we're finished with this!
  6. I forgot to add that we have filed and are currently in mediation but it looks as if we will end up going to court in the near future and I would like to be prepared. By the way, this document only surfaced when the LL realised we would be prosecuting. I know they're just clutching at straws but it's scary that someone can be so dishonest! Thanks for all the great advice so far.
  7. The document says "On x date a deposit of £675 was taken on your behalf to secure the let of the above property. The sum of £675 is not a deposit against you as tenants or against the property. We ask as agreement to rent the above property that two months rent no deposit is to be paid in full. The £675 that was received with thanks is part of that agreement. Two months rent advance payments have been received from the above tenants which the tenants will be one month in advance of rent. We ask that on the last month of the tenancy agreement no rent is paid unless there is outstanding bills
  8. Thanks for your quick response! We do have proof that we paid each month's rent in full (including the final month) and there was no mention of 'rent in advance' on our tenancy agreement- in fact it states that a deposit of £675 was paid. The forged document is not a part of the tenancy agreement, it's in the form of a letter. It basically says that we agree the money we paid was never to be construed as a deposit. The ex LL has signed it herself and scanned my partner's signature on to it!
  9. We have a court case looming against our former landlord for non-compliance with the tenancy deposit scheme. It appears that their defence is to claim that our deposit was actually a month's rent in advance and therefore not covered by the scheme. We have a receipt that clearly states the amount paid was a deposit as does our tenancy agreement. However, the LL has submitted as evidence a document stating that the money was not to be construed as a deposit. She has forged my partner's signature onto this document apparently by scanning it. We have never seen this document and know we did not si
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