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  1. Oh my gosh! Was completing some basic research on the internet to find out who owned Redstone Mortgages as I wanted to make a complaint. I thought I would check on here first and I cannot believe what disgusting leeches Redstone are!! Angel my thoughts and prayers are with you as i am in the same position but I suffer with cancer and it came back and I am now recovering from a life saving transplant and Redstone have done the exact same treatment with me ! While i was in hospital under going my transplant they were calling me every day and then demanded doctors letters and certific
  2. Thanks Buzby! The phone looks exactly like the day I got it from Carphone Warehouse - brand new! I had someone look at the photocopy and it's has now been confirmed it is a photocopy of a phone but not necessarily my phone - I have now written to the Chief Exec no response received as yet!
  3. Carphone Warehouse ! At the end of September 09 I received an upgrade of Samsung Tocco Ultra Lite and not even 4 weeks later the phone would not work - but here is the best bit........... when I was told to collect my phone 1 week later from repairs dept apparently my phone doesn't work because "you know when you have the phone in your back pocket and you are cooking in the kitchen.................. ..well that's how moisture got into your phone" and then subsequently given a photocopy of a picture of my "phone" photocopy dated 2007!!!! Please help - Thank you
  4. Can anyone help me please? I am new to the site and I am having problems with two companies at the moment the first is Welcome Finance. I have been chasing them for the horrendous PPI charges and sent them a letter back in June 09 for around £6K and they are not answering me. Has anyone had any success with them? And, the second is Carphone Warehouse ! But I've been told to log under mobile phone issues! Please help - Thank you
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