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  1. Ok Yes, I know they don't need to send recorded but I just thought I read somewhere that they needed to have proof they delivered it...must just be me.
  2. unsure of actual date but on sig form says 11 May 2001.
  3. Loving you more and more DB. For all: I know I still have a lot of reading & work to do, getting ready for the court date, docs in time and everything, but I was wondering how I go about rebutting their WS and evidence? Do I just do my own WS and not mention their stuff/docs/evidence etc.. or do I just base my WS solely on rebutting each piece of their WS, with my own evidence and case law (wstill don't know if I have to add case law as evidence???). just gonna have my tea and will respond again later. No more from me right now. PS: CB will look at you PM, thanks T
  4. Ok, DB. I'll be researching the Interpretation Act (amongst other things) soon. Could you enlighten me on the bit of it that they have omitted and would stuff them? Ta thanks Mystery, will reread and digest with interest...and sounds good to me. Again will reread this and redigest. ta. I have it saved somewhere.
  5. Phew, I've worked out multi quote for 1 page. thanks DB, yes, tried googling it a bit in work today but couldn't see anything regarding business services for this by UK Mail so was unsure. Thanks Mike will read that with great interest very soon. yes again. they have been clever in their wording on this bit i think where they say they use UK Mail but also they provide a service which includes saturdays, but not that they used this service. As it was a DN aren't they supposed to provide Proof of delivery too?
  6. Hi CB, what agreement or pdf are we talking about here? thanks
  7. Hi Andy, I have no idea what it's in response to. I have only acknowledged and submitted my defence on 02.07.12 at this stage. I've not requested any orders or further disclosures. they just decided to apply for SJ against me on 6th August (see post 73 - which I found out when I received the docs).
  8. Hi CB, thanks for the PM (first one) . I will read it (second one) and digest when i get a chance to get to it (probably a bit later this evening).
  9. Wow, thanks very much for the response today, it's been very much appreciated and filled me with a lot more confidence. I'm having troubvle with the multi quotes to answer everyone on 1 post, so i will have to do it one at a time, please bear with me. Thanks BS
  10. A1: also includes original sign pdf from post 14. This attachment I have never received since problems began but also don't ever remember receiving it originally. First time I have seen this in my memory and docs I have. Q: What can i do about this as I never received this in SAR or before defence was submitted and as part 31.14. I mentioned missing T&C's in defence and they happen to have come up or at least look like they have. A2: post 14, current t&C A3: post 15, DOA A4: post 15, NOA template A5: attached A6: post 14, DN A7: attached - isn't PROOF of D
  11. ok, here's the app form & the WS. relevant evidence to follow in next post. some of the evidence is already on here or irrelevant. i will mention where these are in the next post too. Also best mention, apparently this was STAYED on 06.08.12, as the court gave them 33 days to respond (from 2nd July: defence submission) but as the 33rd day fell on a Saturday they had until the Monday to respond..which they did with this app.
  12. Right, I have finally got hold of the copy of SJ app with WS and evidence. I have now scanned, depersonalised & added this to here as pdf. I have included notes & QUESTIONS on it too and only included the "evidence" which isn't already on my thread. Just a summary of it: pages - what it is: 1 -2 - SJ app form 3 -5 - Witness Statement 6 -9 - A1 10 - A5 11 - A7 12 -13 - A8 14 - A10 So now I need some help with my own WS. hearing date in early Nov. if you have any q's/advice please put them all down as I won't be able to answer them until later now. Cheers all
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