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  1. They admit the debt is theirs so the linked address will be amended to the correct address with the accounts remaining attached to this, they will then drop off after 6 years from default. The CRA has obviously matched them to the incorrect similar address as the accounts display their correct address.
  2. All that will happen is the address will be corrected, the accounts will remain until the default dates are 6 years old as this is your accounts.
  3. Personally I'd leave it, after 6 years they should remove it if you ask and you have no credit listed there.
  4. I don't think it'll cause you too much problems to be honest, try again when it's 6 years old.
  5. The data is accurate as you must have moved an orange account there at some point in time. Did you take out an account for her?
  6. Don't ring the council, ring the CRA, your files are mixed up because you have the same name.
  7. Credit scores mean nothing they are easy money for CRA's. Anything negative may put off lenders as they all have different criterias.
  8. My advice is don't bother. if you have bad credit and don't want to potentially be bothered for old debt leave it. You are a bit paranoid they don't tell lenders anything but you may help them correct their data which may help debt companies find you at some point. Wait until your defaults etc are 6 years old and drop off your credit file.
  9. If you are financially associated it will affect you. If you have no active joint accounts with your ex wife then you need to get the CRA to disassociate you from her. Lenders can view associates when doing checks if she has awful credit it may hinder you.
  10. Pointless exercise you will have no credit history to view, it drops off after 6 years so if you did have debt you don't now.
  11. I'd dispute it to be on the safe side, it won't trigger with the other 2 as they are totally different companies. I think it's always worth sorting out any disputes on your file before applying for credit, not sure if it'll get removed though. Unfortunately most people apply and then find out about problems.
  12. If you don't have much credit i'd use noddle from callcredit as it's free for life. It has all my credit on there and went live last week i think.
  13. If you have defaulted or got a ccj you will get turned down. are you on the electoral roll?
  14. CRA's don't store phone numbers just financial data ccj's insolvencies cifas and electoral roll
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