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  1. You must call your bank and cancel your card. Payday companies will lie through their teeth and tell you they wont take money from your card BUT THEY WILL. They have done it me more than one time. I learnt the hard way. Make any replayments by online transfer or by paying cash into their account. Do not trust a word they say. they will lie to you all the way.
  2. Hi there, I have previously posted in the payday loan section of this site. I had various payday loans and was sick of paying out all me wages every month to them and then borrowing again. I have managed to come to an arrangement with all of them that is acceptable to me and them. The only exception in PoundsTilPayday. They wont let me set up a payment plan with them until my account has been in default for 2 months. The 2 month period is up in the next week. They have said they will then pass the debt to a collections agency and I am wondering if anyone has had experience with PTPayday. Can anyone give me a heads up and advise the best way to handle them and what to expect.....??? I hope someone can help and thanks in advance.
  3. I dont have money in the account. I moved it to my savings account, and just move it to current account as and when i need it. I have a recording on my mobile where i recorded the conversation with them. They agreed a payment plan and also promised not to ever try and take money without asking me 1st. When i spoke to my bank yesterday they asked if i wanted to report fraudulent activity on my account. Im so glad my bank blocked my account. They did however manage to take £5 from my current account.
  4. Get this...as u can see above one of the debts is with @@@@ who last month agreed on the phone to let me pay the debt in 4 payments, no more interest. Well today they tried taking £200 off my debit card. ( i moved wages to saving account wen i got paid to stop any of companies doing this ) They they then did take £5 out of my account. I only found out when i went to the cash point. It wouldnt give me any money. I called the bank and they told me they had put a stop on the card due to possible fraud on my account. They explained about the 200 and 5 pounds, and then took the block off my card after speaking to the fraud prevention dept. Are they allowed to try and take this money from my account. They said they wouldnt, and agreed a much smaller amount than they tried to take today.
  5. So is it true they can try to set up direct debit again even though i have cancelled it ?? I have online banking but i did it over the phone. The didect debit instantly went from the list of direct debits on my account page online.
  6. Thanks for all your replies guys... I will wait for PtP to contact me when i default on friday. Will let you know how it goes. In 6 months I should be debt free... Cant wait to get paid then and actually keep all the money. My only worry with P2P is they might try to submit the direct debit again to my account. I canceled it yesterday when i phoned my bank, they explained P2P might try to take the money again. As soon as my wages go in, i will transfer them to a different Lloyds account, this way the money should be safe... Thanks again for the messages....anyone else in the same boat as me, please do the same....It will save me a forture in the long run... and takes the pressure off. ! ! :lol::lol:
  7. Hi everyone... after weeks of debating, finally decide to post here. ( i was going to ask for help ) I have been using payday loans for the last 6 months as a way to get me by from month to month... Every pay day i pay back the money ( and the interest ) then borrow again. Yes...I know its stupid but once you get into the habit its very hard to get out of. This month i decided to do things differently as im sick of not having any money left by the 5th of every month. This is what I owe... Wonga £240 ( they have frozen interest ) I called them up, expained I didnt have the funds to pay them and that i had many payday loans. They were great. The have agreed to one payment of £50 this month and then two payments of £95 over the next two months. Job Done ! ! H&M £375 I told them the same story, paid them £100 last month and over the next three months i have to pay £100 then another £100 then finally a last payment of £75. Job Done ! ! This debt was originally £220 but the added money on because my cheques bounced. Swift Money £296 Told them the same story and they have agreed to freeze interest and allow me to make four payments of £73.97 over the next four months. Fab, Job done ! ! Lending Stream £699.25 ( frozen until end Nov ) I took two loans out with them over 6 months. They were taken out at different times. One finishes at the end of sept, one at the end of nov. Assuming I pay them back before the end of november, the interest doesnt increase. They have agreed to let me pay a token payment of £50 this month then they will call me next month to review it. If i could pay either of them off earlier, they will reduce the interest which means i will pay less. Good Good ! ! ! So far, so good...I was dreading making the calls to the companies. Then, the final comapny to call was Pounds Til Payday £880 Same story, told them i couldnt afford to pay. I offered to pay them £50 this month and more next month. Offered to set up a payment plan and they said NO! ! ! . According to them, I must wait to default on my payments, then i will inccur a fee of £59. Only then will they get an account manager to speak to me to discuss paying the money back. I asked again if i could avoid the charge and the said no. Only if i pay £440 all at once at the end of this month. Dont think this is very fair..can they refuse a payment from me ?? ( if anyone could give advice on PtP i would be grateful ) To anyone reading this who is in debt, things arent always as bad as they seem. I was surprised by how understanding all of the above companies were with the exception on PtPayday. I feel much better knowing that i will have a some extra money this coming month and wont struggle like i usually do. I have cancelled the direct debit with P2P and cancelled my debit card so the only way these compaines can be paid is if they call me or i call them. Hope this helps someone out there ! ! ! ! ! :):):)
  8. No evidence of water problems. I rang parking services day after this happened to see if offence had been logged on their system. they said yes. I appealed when nto arrived here at work.
  9. I dont have any evidence of him throwing ticket at me, but as I say, I was with some who saw what happened.
  10. Hi guys, hope every1 is well. I would like some help please with a parking ticket i am fighting. This is what happened. I parked my car on Taylorson St South, just outside the authorised parking zone, so yes I was parked on double yellows. I left a note on my car saying it was an emergency and that I was running up into an apartment to switch ther water and electric off following a leak. I was with someone at the time. When we both came out of the building and onto the street, there was a guy issuing a ticket to my car. Ticket was not issued, was still in the machine, and I asked him what he was doing...I asked if he had read my note, he said yes and was about to take a photo of it aswell as my car parked where it was. I said if you are planning on taking a pic of my note, why have u folded it back up and placed it back on my windscreen??? I said I was leaving with my car before he had a chance to print ticket and fix penalty to my windscreen to which he replied..sorry but the ticket is already issued. He then proceded to print the ticket anf throw it over my shoulder in the direction of my car windscreen. The ticket landed on the floor next to my car and I got in my car and drove off. When i wrote to appeals, they replied saying ticket had been issued and i must pay. He must have binned the ticket because when i called up the next day, I was told the guy who issued the ticket had not taken it back to his office. He claims it was fixed to my car. But he didnt take any pics of it. Anyone have any ideas please ??? Just received a NtO today asking for the full price of 70 pounds. please help guys ! ! ! ! ! ! :???:
  11. Ok, i get what you are saying. WHat should i do with this letter from Roxburghe Debt collectors. Should i just ignore it ??
  12. The 780 has been paid, i accept that. The 780 was for local council parking tickets. I am asking for advice on 206.00 the debt collection agency is asking for which is for a parking ticket issued by central ticketing ltd.
  13. Hi there, I was hoping someone could help me with a private parking ticket i got. Here is a copy of the 2nd letter i got. I work for a company, they recently paid £780 in parking fines to the local council and then took money out of my wages, so i was pretty upset at losing all that money. Those tickets were issued by local council. This ticket i have outstanding is from central ticketing ltd and is now for 206.00 pounds. I still havent contacted them but here is the letter they sent to the registered keeper of the car, they then forwarded it to us. The company i work for doesnt own the car, they are leased to us. So any documentation goes to the company who owns the car and then they would pass our details onto the relevant companies. Hope someone can help me here, I will of course make a donation to this site. Thanks si scans.pdf
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