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  1. Hi, Does anyone happen to have the bank details for Tower Capital? Thanks
  2. Well said Sue. I would also add that, if they are ignoring your emails (which is what they do best), then why not set up a standing order and pay a monthly amount that you can afford directly to them. they won't refuse the payment and you then are in control about what you pay and when. I have done this and only paid back the amount borrowed. I am waiting to hear from them about the dubious balance of charges Pm me if you need their bank details.
  3. I would suggest you get their bank details and just start paying what you can afford. I did that and paid back my original loan amount in instalments and that is all I am going to pay. I doubt very much they will take me to court for the balance as they would have to explain their extorionate rates to a judge Good Luck
  4. Thanks DX, I did a LOT of reading on here yesterday regarding DN's and thought as much.
  5. Hi, I have received a default notice from Welcome Finance. Although it is dated the 26th November, there is no date to rectify, it just states 14 days. Does this make it invalid? Thanks
  6. Ok, thank you so much, I will get the letter off first thing tomorrow!!
  7. Thank you 42man. I will scan the default notice on Monday when back at work. I didn't keep the envelope and have not received anything to say termination of agreement, just the default notice and then the court summons. Is it ok to email the CPR request?
  8. Thank you, I have acknowledged the claim and ticked to defend part of the claim. I will get the thread moved. Thanks for your help Robjam...much appreciated
  9. Thanks Robajam, The particulars of the claim are "Default under Agreement, Unpaid Pay Day Loan" I do want to defend as I am willing to pay back the original loan and the original amount of extortionate interest, however, I am not willing to pay the rest which has doubled the total. What do I put as my defence? Cheers
  10. I received a Default notice and a couple of emails and then today I received the court papers.
  11. Hi, I stupidly took out a payday loan with Tower Capital and have since defaulted as i just can't afford to pay it back in one lump sum. I offered them £10 a month to clear it and they came back with an offer of £20 a month, which I could just about manage so I agreed but refused to pay their extra charges, which doubled the outstanding amount. They have now issued court papers. I am not refusing to pay the loan and the extortionate interest, just the extra charges, so can anyone advise me what to put as my defence? Thanks in advance Sickofdebt2009
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